Midseason Power Ranking Review: Salmon on Tuesdays

New weather, who dis?

In this third installment of BNN’s Midseason Power Ranking Review, we join anchor Dan, host Luckey Haskins, recurring guest iliana of SIBR, and Rhett Foluler, BNN beat reporter covering the New York Millennials.

The panel looks at the hot starts of the Millennials (consistent with the Season 15 Power Rankings) and the Miami Dale (a surprise, based on those Rankings). The big question in both cases: are these division leads sustainable, or are they mirages based on schedule and luck of the draw?

Discussion quickly delves (or devolves) into discussion of the new Salmon weather and the density of Chorby Soul’s soul, and the effect these have on the game of Blaseball. Wild speculation, like a wild-caught Oncorhynchus kisutch, is rampant. Hopefully the panel did not lose any runs as you watch this video on repeat. Look at your calendar; it’s once again Tuesday. It’s always Tuesday, here at BNN.

The show closes with its weekly hubris segment, making their aquatic predictions for the Internet Series finals. We guarantee that at least one will definitely come true. BUT WHICH ONE? You don’t need to be a Hard-Boiled investigator to find out — just check out the latest episode below!

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