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I’m Benson “Nutty” Newton, and I’m the Intern-In-Chief! I run this here website for my bosses at the Blaseball News Network. They’re a Sentient AI-Driven news source that are pretty good at running things like Twitter, but aren’t too hot at long-form content. That’s where me and my friends come in. You can find a wide range of Blaseball content here to enjoy, from power rankings to specialty pieces on your favorite players.

Blaseball Prospectus Coffee Cup Power Rankings, Round 3

It seemed rather silly to have power rankings for only four teams, so we were going to forgo this round and just offer predictions. But then we realized: how can we invoke hubris if we skipped such an ill-advised ranked list of just four teams? How can a team point & laugh at us if […]

Blaseball Now Has Lootcrates

After an exciting Round 2 of the Coffee Cup, while Late Night Blaseball was in full swing, the Commissioner nonchalantly dropped a new piece of canon. Uhh? Who is “lootcrates”? Or, what is “lootcrates”? For a few moments. Blaseball Twitter was utterly in the weeds with the “lootcrates” thing. Until Blaseball Prospectus discovered the existence […]

Blaseball Prospectus Coffee Cup Round 2 Power Rankings

First, a look at how we got here: Now that you know who to blame if these Power Rankings are completely inaccurate, and who to thank if they are completely flawless, let’s get right into it! Next, a caveat: Though we now know what Wired and Tired do, we can’t be sure how they will […]

The Full Season 11 Recap.

SEASON 11 IS FINISHED. (yeah, it has been for a while). Hey there everybody, Benson “Nutty” Newton here with the traditional full Season recap! I hope you’re ready to buckle in and read about some of the most exciting happenings of our beloved Season 11. I know, I know, it’s been a good long while […]

Never Look Bat: What If The Hades Tigers Forgot To Bring Their Bats To Season 3?

It’s Season 3, and the Hades Tigers are gearing up to play the season that defines their team. There’s a nervous energy in the dugout, from team lifers like Ren Morin and Randy Castillo to their newly-signed superstar in Jessica Telephone. Then, the weight of expectation starts to sink in. This is a team that […]

Blaseball Prospectus Coffee Cup Power Rankings

We at the Blaseball Prospectus spent Monday crunching the numbers, reading the tweets, and weighing the odds of a dark horse using any analysis as bulletin-board material on the way to winning the Coffee Cup. We’ve come up with our highly scientific* POWER RANKINGS that we can laugh at after we learn what the known […]


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