Blaseball Season CE3 Power Ranking: Magic and Mayhem Edition

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Season CE2 of Blaseball brought us the meteoric rise of the now suddenly estimable (#1 in the previous power ranking) Hellmouth Sunbeams, and their exciting win over the Boston Flowers. In their wake, we suddenly have a surge of teams primed for some powerful streaks in Blaseball Season CE3. From the Finalist Flowers, still craving blood to water the Garden with, to the Magic, prepared for a full on evil heel turn, to the Wings and Shoe Thieves, both looking to recapture glory unbound.

Our crack team of writers, estimators, reporters, bloggers, and stlatisticians put in more effort than ever, with a renewed focus on topical, direct pieces for each team and another record for power ranking submissions: 33 in total! In this Coronation Era of Blaseball, the Blaseball News Network continues to evolve and grow thanks to our writers, contributors, and supporters. With all that being said, it’s time for the Season CE3 Power Ranking:

On to the HUBRIS!

24. Hades Tigers [-4]

Hubris Index: 2.32

The Hades Tigers season (2) of nightmares started off with our best batter Zephyr McCloud leaving due to his Curse, rendering our bats as cold as the vacuum of space, an omen for the horrendous season to come. And horrendous it was, as the Tigers led the league in incinerated players with three beloved players (RIV Velasquez Alstott, Steals Mondegreen, and rookie Leandra Beech) being incinerated.

The Tigers now have the worst batting in the league, and no amount of Stevenson Heat defense or Grit Freeman pitching can make up for that. On the bright side, the aforementioned Grit Freeman really stepped it up this season, and Elip Dean played a bit better as well! Jackson and Caper, our best pitchers from the prior season, both had weak seasons, but a bounce back is not out of the question.

With our league-best defense and alright pitching, the election was the perfect place to fix our batting problem and catapult our team to success, and if we won batting boost we’d be all set!

We didn’t win anything.

The Tigers stagger out of the election empty-handed and with numerous wounds in need of licking. The future looks bleak, season 3 will not be a good one for the Tigers, but they will play valiantly nonetheless, and the Tigers give up as often as they look back. Never. For now, just hope for the safety of our beloved players and hope for blessings.


23. Tokyo Lift [-1]

Hubris Index: 2.00

Lift bad. Sorry for exploding your guy, Worms! Other than that, we didn’t win anything. Having been one of the worst teams in both NEW Season 1 and NEW Season 2, expect worse in NEW Season 3.


22. Houston Spies [-8]

Hubris Index: 2.32

The Spies are not getting a Golden Record this season. Last season’s campaign was waylaid by Experimentation, as Houston became the first team to accumulate all four player modifications. Terrell Bradley’s Alternation and Rivers Rosa’s incineration delivered two large hits to the Spies, moving a .500 team to the basement of Evil. Ser Sevgi is Questing, but it will take more than a few side quests to double last season’s paltry 27 wins and reach playoff consideration.

Entering Season 3, the Spies have the 3rd lowest average pitching and the 4th lowest batting in the League, both barely over 2.5 stars. The election proved this point by cursing Scratch Deleuze, whose surely swift removal from the lineup will improve these averages to…slightly more than barely over 2.5 stars, respectively. So no, the Spies are not going to Win by acquiring more wins than other teams, and may face the franchise’s first Party Time hosting assignment (we hope you like beige).

No, the goal this season is to Win by Further Experimentation. Their 74% vote share for Knight Strike was the standout performance of the Election, and they have garnered the Strike Two team modification for their trouble. Spies remain committed to pushing for Strike Three, since apparently playing Blaseball will not be this Blaseball team’s strong suit for the foreseeable future. Whether by strike out, shut out or black out, the Spies’ future appears to be [REDACTED].


21. New York Millennials [-]

Hubris Index: 3.65

Something happened to the Millennials! Ren Hunter gained the benefits of the Ball Hawk blessing, giving them a wider range of defensive options. With a Rogue Ump favor for Jana Beats and Ryuji Ngozi’s Alternate into a slightly better batter, I think the Millennials’ fortunes are turning for the better. Though, we’re still pretty bad. This is not the early Expansion Era, when pitching was our thing. Bennett Bluesky can’t do it all by themselves.

I can only hope the roving Band will stay on the Millennials’ playlist to drag us up the Standings.

Clip Clipperson

20. Ohio Worms [-2]

Hubris Index: 3.09

Nothing interesting happens in Ohio.

We started this season with the previous elections … in which we won nothing. The team was not improved; other teams in the division were. We had five equally subpar pitchers, an uneven lineup, and a defense that leans up against the wrong fence so often you’d think there was a George Thorogood song written about them. I declared us to be terrible, and expected to have the worst record in the league. I’m fairly sure that the team won one more game than the Lift just to spite me, despite going 2-4 in the season against them.

This season, the Umpires played their Favorites and Cursed and Swore their way through the league. Well, most of the league: Winnie Hess dodged the Bard’s curse and parried the Knight’s swear. Badgerson Stromboli also parried the Knight. Yawn.

Then, for the 2nd consecutive δ season, the Worms failed to win a blessing. No changes. Wait, what’s that you say? Because the LIFT won a Blessing, we incinerated bottom 10% ERA pitcher Johnnyboy Aster? Maybe we have addition by subtraction? Let’s check the replacement pitcher, Luis Baron. Hrm, looks like Luis’ pitching attributes are closest statistically to Sandie Carver’s. So let’s compare Johnnyboy and Sandie:

Aster: 6.47 ERA, 2.5 HR/9, Opp. BA: .311
Carver: 6.78 ERA, 2.4 HR/9, Opp. BA: .307

Prediction? 33-57, one game worse than last season. Why?

Because nothing interesting happens in Ohio.


19. Core Mechanics [-10]

Hubris Index: 3.69

The Mechs are bad. Firstly, a tough schedule and the extent of the buffs revealed, the Mechanics started this season struggling and never fully recovered despite an incredible new league record shutout of 23-0 against the Firefighters on Day 73.

The Mechanics seemingly have a history with the Mage Umpire who proceeded to alternate three Mechanics players. Two of these were relatively fine: Neerie McCloud seemingly became a worse pitcher, but a far better baserunner and fielder. Niu Chen, after alternation, became the Mechs’ best defender at the cost of their ability to hit the ball.

The main headline though was Sheri Friday’s alternation, ranked 8th best batter by BNN last season. They are now the worst batter in the Mechanics’ lineup. The team’s brightest star was taken out by a Mage Strike.

Finally, a cruel ironic twist of fate in the Election gave the Mechanics the Mage Strike blessing. The blessing gave the team its first strike, while the Spies’ Knight Strike has sent Chibodee Alighieri on a quest in the shadows.

Ultimately, this season will be placed alongside the disastrous Season 21 as a season to be moved on from but not forgotten. The Mechs find themselves on their own quest, standing in the face of adversity, in need of an extensive rebuild, and an Umpire standing in their way.


18. Chicago Firefighters [+6]

Hubris Index: 4.00

Anything can happen in Blaseball. In Season 2 of the Coronation Era, that means the Chicago Firefighters, previously in contention for worst in the league, can finish with a 41-49 record, placing 3rd 4th in the Awful Evil division. With Nerd Pacheco and two other midfielders (literally) stacking the field and pitchers Don Elliot (2.87 ERA) and Karato Rangel (3.22 ERA) holding down the fort, Chicago’s defense is making up for it’s, frankly, awful batting.

The Firefighters also dodged the worst of the new weather this season, with Yosh Carpenter parrying a Knight Umpire’s swear and Ralph Vincent being alternated twice, seeing an overall improvement in stars when the dust settled.

The Season 2 elections gave Chicago the Dark Matter blessing, adding 5 players to the Firefighters’ shadows including 3.5 star batter Oscar Hollywood and 3.5 star pitcher Grit Watson. The Firefighters also came out unscathed from the 3 strike blessings won by other Awful Evil teams.

All in all, the Chicago Firefighters haven’t changed much going into Season 3, a benefit in their strike heavy division. I guess some things in Blaseball do stay the same. After all, We Are From Chicago. We Are Always From Chicago.

-Luna (TheoreticalBartender#3559)

17. Dallas Steaks [-]

Hubris Index: 3.37

The Dallas Steaks… my mortal enemy. In the middle of writing this, one of my doors broke, so I had to go to Lowe’s to pick up a new handle to put back on the door.

The Steaks are not dissimilar to me and my door. A broken handle (our bad luck) is holding back my perfectly fine door (our okay stats)! Another week without a blessing leaves us in an extremely similar position to last season. Except that last season, the Steaks pulled it together in the latter half, to play what I thought they would, .500. Somehow, Steaks took their bottom of the division performance in the beginning of the season, and, WITH ONE SINGLE EVENT FROM THE UMPS, became a semi-formidable team. Hell, our opening 3 games were a Crabs Sweep, and Crabs Kinda Good!

But, like my broken handle— hey where’s my internet. DAMNIT! More bad luck. Steaks bad next season. Bad luck abides.


16. Philly Pies [-1]

Hubris Index: 2.64

“Roll out the crust, get ready to cheer,
Philly Pies, we’re loud and clear!
We’ll hit it out, we’ll steal the base,
Philly Pies, we’re in this race!”

The Philadelphia Pies Blaseball Team is gearing up for a new season, and the energy and enthusiasm around the club are palpable. Despite ending last season 5th in Awful Good with a 42-48 record, placing them in the middle of the pack compared to the rest of the league, the Pies remain strangely optimistic about their chances to claim the championship this season.

However, the recent election of the Bard Umpire as the new Crew Chief could be a hindrance to the Pies’ success. The Bard Umpire favored Scattered Teams during the last season, and the Pies, who are Entangled, may be at a disadvantage against their already powerful division rivals, the Sunbeams and the Shoe Thieves, who are both Scattered teams.

The Philadelphia Pies also enter the new season without any additional blessings. Despite this setback, the team remains optimistic about their chances on the field. However, with several challenging teams in their league and division, as well as the possibility of facing an unfavorable Crew Chief, the Pies’ competition this season may be limited to securing Party Time. Despite the challenges ahead, the team remains committed to its motto of “Pie or Die” and is determined to make a strong showing in the coming season.

-Mallery, Knight Reporter

15. Baltimore Crabs [-3]

Hubris Index: 2.84

I think it’s safe to say, even without being inside the Crab’s Compound, that Season 2 didn’t live up to its potential. A scan of new “star” batter Tiera Wigdoubt’s events in the season show that though the near-maxed out batter is great at making contact (and is in the top 30 in walks), they struggle to hit the ball out of the infield. Tiera, in fact, managed to hit 0 home runs despite a ferocity of .903. She’s still a good batter, just not the elite you’d hope for as a blessing result.

So going into Season 3, are the Crabs good or are the Crabs bad? It’s hard to say. They’re in a division that keeps getting more competitive between the Sunbeams, Shoe Thieves, and Dale, and seem to be on the cusp of the playoffs despite some of the rougher schedules. At the same time, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone expecting this squad to take the field on Saturday.

I think one of the most interesting things about the Crabs is something they share with my team, the Sunbeams. With last season’s Power Rankings, there were exactly two teams that were hit exactly by the BNN average. The Sunbeams at #1 and the Crabs at #12. Until this team forges an identity, I think that’s likely where they’ll stay. So when it comes to Crabs good or Crabs bad, I’ll simply say the following:

Crabs Crabs.


14. LA Unlimited Tacos [+9]

Hubris Index: 4.86

Upward trajectory. Having literally 3 of the worst 10 hitters in the league (Nigel Candy, Erin Beanbag and Pernelongo al-Wazir), winning the Batting Boost is a much welcome improvement.

While Soojin Gloom (RIV) will be missed, their replacement Piper Legume has already turned fans’ heads, and the boost won’t hurt their case either. Any similarities in moniker to Beta Taco Peanut Bong are purely coincidental, I’m told. The pitching might be mediocre (at best), and the defence holier than Swiss cheese, but this lineup can rake now.

DeeJay and Benjy

13. Seattle Garages [-5]

Hubris Index: 3.38

Wait, you’re telling me we didn’t win anything? Huh, okay.

Garages are okay. We definitely aren’t making it to the playoffs, unless the Umps really don’t like the other teams in our division and our bestie the Rogue Ump decides to finally favor us. Maybe we will be late to party time though?

Season 2 was a dispassionate creature for the Garages. The shadowing of star batter Chambers Simmons definitely played a part in the team just falling short of a .500 record at the end of the season, and although he Found A Heart and became perhaps the best player in the entire league, it’s of no help to the team if he’s stuck on the sidelines.

Guess Who’s Thwack didn’t carry the team into the playoffs quite as easily as many fans hoped, many attributing it to perhaps the most difficult schedule of the season. Regardless of everything else, at least the election was kind to the team in one small way: by not hitting them with one of the many strikes that were available this season. Garages haven’t gotten worse, everyone else is just getting better. Which is kinda the same thing.


12. Canada Moist Talkers [+7]

Hubris Index: 3.52

With an unimpressive 37-53 overall record for the Season 2, normally the Talkers would be looking for an unimpressive Season 3. But with some luck from the blessing, the Talkers have managed the 5th best running and league best defense. Khulan Sagaba leads the league’s running, while Jay Camacho does the same for defense. The Filth Zone has returned, and your players will learn that they do, in fact, hate it here.

That’s not to say the Talkers are championship ready. There are still a few notable problems, but batter Scott Gray will be looking to send the team’s offense to victory, while pitcher Eris Street looks to do the same from the mound. Abner Pothos also exists, although no one can tell what the spit changed yet.

The Talkers are looking to rebound for Season 3, so be prepared.

-The Den

Moist Talkers… Wimd? This season we had Khulan Sagaba get a modest favour from an Umpire, Tad Seeth dodging an Umpire swear AND an Umpire curse and… Well, not much else really. Our schedule had a quarter of our games against strong teams like the Sunbeams, Flowers, and Magic, and our batting is still pretty uppy downy, Simon Haley is still questing, and nothing else really hit us. We did win Wind Sprints but, its as they say, nothing ever happens to the Moist Talkers (hubris).

-Artemis (Post Office)

11. Broken Ridge Jazz Hands [-1]

Hubris Index: 3.36

In Season 2, the Broken Ridge Jazz Hands rode our strong offense and league average pitching to a solid finish – 2nd in Awful Evil, and 5th in the Evil League. However, along the way we were devastated by weather, and failed to win any blessings in the Election. A true Jazz standard.

Sigmund Castillo and Bonk Jokes were previously two of our best batters, with Bonk also being one of our only competent defenders. Now, Sigmund has embarked on a Can’t Lose journey across the league, and Bonk has been Alternated into a worse hitter and much worse defender. Our defense, which was already among the weakest in the league, is now even worse, and our diminished hitting and rotation of aspiring ground ball pitchers don’t give much reason to feel hopeful.

With the Bard ump’s forthcoming reign unlikely to benefit the Rogue aligned Jazz Hands, Season 2 will likely remain the our best performance in the Coronation Era for some time. Jazz, it seems, is really all about the playoffs you don’t make.


10. San Francisco Lovers [+6]

Hubris Index: 3.80


Alvie’s Magnetic Fielder blessing (and resultant 1.1 Magnet) should definitely mean some improvement in her ability to convert attempts to outs; although her unchanged Reach of .02 means she probably won’t make more attempts than this season, at about two per game, so it’ll be fairly minimal. On top of that, the Lovers already boasted a strong defense– 4th in the league in efficiency rating– so while this improvement is nice, it wasn’t sorely needed.

The team’s batting also took baby steps, although these were made during the season. Ramiel Jang’s lineup spot was refilled (RIV) and vacated by Muna Sichanta (Knightspeed!). This shorter roster gave more plate appearances to the team’s stronger hitters, like Kesh, Kingbird, and the newly-favored Baek.

Unfortunately, the good news ends before we reach pitching. Don’t be fooled by the rotation’s records; despite 4 shutouts, Durham Spaceman was 4th in the league for BB9; despite an 11-7 record, and Donia Dollie’s 9-9 record hides an abysmal 6.49 ERA. Neither of these players saw improvements this season, in the election or otherwise, and the pitching staff will still lean heavily on fielding and offensive support.

Season 2’s playoff-level performance is definitely exciting, and don’t get me wrong, we could definitely see that again; but without an easy schedule to help them as the league improves around them, it’s unlikely that San Francisco will Go All The Way in NEW! Season 3.

-Clair Mcrlwain, 4FM the KISS

9. Kansas City Breath Mints [-4]

Hubris Index: 3.75

It’s a tale as old as time: the Mints have the best pitching in the league, and it doesn’t matter because none of our batters want to hit the ball.

Our team ERA of 3.44 and WHIP of 1.038 are the lowest in the league. Three of the top five pitchers by WHIP and by ERA are Breath Mints, and our worst pitcher still has WHIP below 1.5. By pitching alone, this is a team that should stroll into the play-offs, and take a ring in a good year.

And then you look at our batting. Gods, what a mess. Our team has some bright spots – Brooklyn Nottingham is not only a stellar defender, but was our best batter last season with an OPS of 1.049. Hot on their heels is Stretch Sutton, with an OPS of 1.016, and Mindy Kugel could also have had OPS over 1 by the season’s end, had they not been squashed by Ayanna Dumpington.

And then the rest. A third of our line-up, including Dumpington, have BAs below 0.200. And while Dumpington had the decency to play 8th in the line-up, Jesse Tredwell was 3rd and an absolute curse. A free out for the other side, and completely miserable to watch.

The good news is that we won Yeet, and Jesse is off the team – so things are looking up for Kansas City. We’re unlikely to win a ring this season, but if Vernon Glump is even a slight improvement, it could make a huge difference.


8. Miami Dale [+5]

Hubris Index: 2.27

Once a “16th place” meme, the Dale have quietly risen to the top third of the league in the new era of Blaseball. They didn’t have a dominant season in Season 2, but with winning records against the Crabs, Mechanics, Breath Mints and Lovers, and a respectable 8-10 season split with the very talented Shoe Thieves, this is a team to watch.

They win quietly despite their party aesthetic, relying on a solid defense (with two above-average defenders on the right side of the outfield in Serge Shortvat and Lottie Yoshida), capable pitching staff and a lineup led by Joe Voorhees (20 homers, .330 batting average) and Yurts Buttercup (26 homers, .318 average).

I don’t think we can count on the Dale winning a title quite yet, but don’t be surprised to see only partying in Miami this season coming in the form of a Post Season celebration.

Firewall Andrews

7. Atlantis Georgias [-1]

Hubris Index: 1.66

Heading into Season 3, the Georgias look poised to once again claim the Awful Evil division title, with the same formula they’ve had the past two seasons: solid offence, a good pitcher or two, a middling defence, and, well, Justin Alstott. Unfortunately, being the most Awful Evil team in the league probably won’t be enough to win a championship just yet.


6. Hawai’i Fridays [+2]

Hubris Index: 3.49

The Fridays’ performance this era is looking like an exponential curve, and that means by season 4 we’ll have 16 wins, right?

Seriously though, I thought the Fridays were supposed to be chill. How is our defense so aggressively good? How did we end the season having given up the the third least runs in the whole league? How did we end the season tied for fifth best record in the league? How did we make it to the semi final, knocking out the Wild Wings, even after our best batter was alternated? (We miss you Elijah Valenzuela. Welcome to the world, Elijah Valenzuela!). In the face of an unpredictable umpire onslaught, we stayed incredibly consistent. And our blessing last season didn’t even make a big difference, it hit a pitcher’s defensive stats.

All of this leads me to conclude the Fridays are just good. I’m proud to call Hawai’i my team. That first semifinal game against the Sunbeams was a real joy to watch. Win or won’t we vibe, of course but bring on the wins please! Friday night magic final season 3, anyone?


The Fridays are good? Maybe? We surprised even ourselves by being postseason contenders in Coronation Era so far, but with the Mage Umpire alternating 2 of our players to make them worse hitters, we are left wanting. The alternation of Elijah is a particularly bitter blow, as our Offensive strength now hinges almost entirely on Justice Spoon. This, combined with our best defenders being Buried and on Rotation, makes it unclear how we will fair against the rest of our division going into Season 3*. We appreciate your estimations, but know that win or lose, we will vibe.

-elle, local friend and crab, lifeguard

5. Mexico City Wild Wings [-2]

Hubris Index: 2.36

In game 28, Baldwin Jones was incinerated, to be replaced by Baker Caster. Baldwin Jones (OPS 1.336) was replaced by Baker Caster (OPS 0.517). Baldwin Jones (Wings scored 9.2 runs per game) was replaced by Baker Caster (Wings scored 6.1 runs per game). Baldwin Jones (Wings went 23-5) was replaced by Baker Caster (Wings went 36-29).

In the elections, Baker Caster (OPS+ 62.8) was replaced by Atma Blueberry (Season 1 OPS+ 122.1). Atma’s no Baldwin, but they’re a lot better than Baker. The Wings keep having to work hard to not fall to earth like Icarus, but they still should have done enough to find themselves in the top third of the league.


4. Charleston Shoe Thieves [-2]

Hubris Index: 1.31

A bolstered Kit Adamses is the only major change for the Thieves this offseason, and that suits Charleston just fine. This roster returns some of the top talent in ILB across the board, with a top 10 offense by OPS in Season 2, a top five ERA/FIP pitching staff that should only get better with Adamses’ newfound command, and the league’s best defensive player in Penelope Berkowitz patrolling the midfield.

Charleston needs to take a step forward against its main rivals, as it stumbled a bit when facing the Dale, Sunbeams and Flowers, their three biggest competitors in the Good conference against whom the Thieves went a combined 16-20. But that does mean they went 43-14 against the rest of ILB, so a few more close wins and clutch hits and we could see the Shoe Thieves be Dangerous in the Post Season once again in Season 3.

Firewall Andrews

3. Boston Flowers [+8]

Hubris Index: 3.03

The Boston Flowers crashed their way into the Postseason, swept the Charleston Shoe Thieves, went to war with the Yellowstone Magic, and finally fell to the Hellmouth Sunbeams in an intense series that saw the first three games all end with a one-run differential.

Seeking to run it back, they’ve won the Strong Start Blessing, empowering their offensive capabilities. Their lineup now features four heavy hitting batters in a row, all with a BA of 0.3 or above – Duha Kamara (21st in Hits), Zack Sanders (2nd in Hits, 3rd in Doubles, 3rd in Triples, 3rd in Home Runs), Dervin Gorczyca (4th in Doubles,9th in Triples), and Zelda Highway (9th in Doubles, 29th in Triples).

For those keeping track, that means that three of the top 10 league leaders in Doubles are now batting directly one after the other, no longer held back by choke artists Skylar Khan and Jessica Telephone. Incidentally, Jessica Telephone, who now bats last for Boston, had a mere 0.242 BA in Season 2 but the 6th most Triples.

The Flowers aren’t a one trick pony either; they’re fifth or better by Average Stars in every single Skill Category. Scary.

The taste of victory still fresh, the Boston Flowers are hungry and determined. This time they may not be satisfied by a mere second-place finish.


2. Moab Hellmouth Sunbeams [-1]

Hubris Index: 4.24

The Sunbeams were estimated to win the second season’s championship and surprisingly did! Does this mean our curse is lifted? Well, no…but also yes? The Beams’ ridiculously high offense stayed the same all season as well as the election. None of the players got dropped on, incinerated, alternated or cursed, but we did gain a new player in Özlem Suttner during the last game vs the Flowers. Their Can’t Lose mod dropped when the Sunbeams won the championship, so Özlem will be staying with us, it seems. They’re a Sunbeam through and through with good batting and terrible defense. Welcome to the team!

Learn to Defend hit player Guozhi Ong. On the surface, the reroll may look bad. However, this could mean they’ll do less but do better at fielding. This would allow our better defender Cory Ross more fielding opportunities. That’s the only blessing that targeted the Sunbeam’s bad defense. But who cares though baby!! The best defense is the best offense. Plenty of matches against other teams ended in tight games with the Sunbeams out-scoring opponents by one or few runs. Can our offense still carry us or will our luck soon run out?

Overall, expect the Moab Hellmouth Sunbeams performance to be the same in NEW Season 3. One thing’s guaranteed, we’ll definitely be seeing them again in the postseason.

Hazel Cooper

1. Yellowstone Magic [+3]

Hubris Index: 1.78

After 26 painstaking seasons, the Yellowstone Magic has improved Pitching and Defense.

The NEW S2 Postseason pitching performance is never happening again.

We can’t throw the blame solely on Pippin Carpenter’s shoddy Game 3 performance; the whole rotation struggled. Magic’s pitching just didn’t have the Stuff needed to keep batters down. The only postseason teams to pitch more H/9 were the Atlantis Georgias, whom we won against because of bats, and the Sunbeams, who could outhit every team in the league. We had higher team WHIP and BAA than the rest of the semifinalists (Beams excluded), and it was inevitably Yellowstone’s downfall.

However, it’s over! Magic has improved Pitching and Defense, and (barring any weather-related horrors or terrible bandwagoners) the odds may have turned…

To back that up, we have what is arguable some of the most explosive bats in the ILB, or at least in the Evil League. In particular, Demet Cabrera and Kiki (Deliveries and Receiving) Avci are some of THE BEST lineup players in the league, and DeAndre O’Possum, with that magically disrupting apostrophe isn’t too shabby, either. Yellowstone semi-regularly ran up double digit runs on their opponents through Season CE2, expect that to continue.

This is the season, full HUBRIS mode, now is the time for Yellowstones epic heel turn. Magic Goo? No, MAGIC EVIL! MAGIC VIAL!

It’s OUR turn to be the bad guys. SPELLS OUT Yellowstone, let’s make the ILB fear us!

Nate and Dan

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