BNN’s Midseason Power Ranking Review: Taco Baco

In the first episode of BNN’s newest show, the Midseason Power Ranking Review, host Dan is joined by Luckey Haskins, Firewall Andrews and special guest iliana from SIBR to discuss the state of play in Season 13 and what went right — and wrong — in our Season 13 power rankings.

The crew discuss the origins of the power rankings and talk a bit about their approach, then dive into the main topic …

Are the Tacos really that good? Both Firewall and iliana ranked them first overall in the preseason and discuss why they were so high on the Taco Baco.

Then, focus shifts to the Mild Subleague, where the Crabs and Moist Talkers are battling for control of the Mild Low. Can the Talkers keep rolling off of their Earlseason blessing? Or will all become Crab once again? What makes the Crabs so good, and what flaws might Canada have heading into the postseason?

The panel also discusses the Mild High, and considers the playoff hopes of the Steaks and Millennials, then asks if anyone can catch the Firefighters in the Wild High thanks to their Lateseason buff.

Finally, they discuss the expansion teams and the Tokyo Lift, and consider where each team needs to improve to make a splash in ILB in seasons to come.

You can watch the video below, or check it out live each week on Wednesday at 8 PM EST, 5 PM PST, or whatever else it might be in your time zone, live on Dan’s Glimesh channel.

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