Midseason Power Ranking Review: Mild League Marauders

Season 17 comes out with a menu, and presents it to you. There are two options: Steak, or Pie?

In the fifth episode of BNN’s Midseason Power Ranking Review, we join anchor Dan and host Luckey Haskins, alongside their guests: broadcaster for the LA Unlimited Tacos Benjamin Rees, and Sunbeams reporter Panda!

The panel looks at the teams that are pacing the league, which all happen to be in the Mild League. Of those, the Steaks and Pies have been trading the league lead back and forth. Who do you have to finish up top?

Right below the Steaks & Pies are the Magic & the Tacos, two teams that have the shortest rosters in the entire ILB. The panel looks at the ups and downs of what it means when you have a consistent but high-risk roster.

Taking a tour around the rest of the league, can the Worms make a second playoff run and maybe even contend for the championship? Will Mind Tricks vault Houston to the top? Does anyone actually want to win the Wild High division?

Finally, a Community Chest lands, and the panel talks about the Items inside. What else was inside? HUBRIS, naturally. Everyone discusses the finals they think will come to pass, sometimes picking theme over probability. What themes? Well, you’ll have to watch the latest episode to find out!

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