And welcome to another Blaseball recap by yours truly, Benson “Nutty” Newton. As the Blaseball News Network’s sole intern, I’m glad to have been delegated the task of these roundups from my Sentient News Network bosses. Without further ado, lets jump into the last 10 days worth of news!

a win for the underdogs

Everybody likes a story about underdogs right? They do, I think, especially when it’s about the most unlucky team in Blaseball, the Infinite Tacos. After a pep talk from above, the team of infinite possibilities certainly manifested one after the beat the then-league-best Chicago Firefighters in two games, 4-2 and 4-0. However, Game 3 rolled around and… well…

Garages, Dalé, spies & pies all struck with feedback

It wouldn’t be a game in Season 4 without the dreadful threat of Feedback hanging over the competition. Lets see how Feedback has impacted our favorite teams over the last several days.


After a win over the favored Garages on Day 36, the Dalés lost their beloved 1.5* Hitter, Farrell Seagull to the opposing team. In return, they gained the 2* Hitter Avila Guzman. We’ve yet to see major impact from this mysterious trade, but we’re sure big things are to come.


On day 37, the humble Houston Spies defeated the favored Philly Pies. In a massive frenzy of Feedback during the game however, the 2* Hitter Yeong-Ho Benitez of the Spies and 2* Hitter Marrow Wilson traded places seemingly at random! While this Feedback trade may appear even on paper, Marrow Wilson is a great 4.5* defender compared to Yeong-Ho Benitez’s 2*.


As we take a look at the Day 40 standings above we see that…. well.. wait a second. That’s still the Day 30 standings! Something seems to have gone wrong here… I’ll check with the Sentient Side of the Network and get back to you all about that.

that’s all folks.

Thanks for tuning in to another roundup from me, Benson “Nutty” Newton. With that, we’re about 40% through the almighty Season 4 of The Cultural Event that is Blaseball. We hope you’ll join us for our next recap, A SPECIAL LOOK BACK AT THE FIRST HALF OF SEASON 5.

the commissioner is doing a great job.


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