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Trail of Breadcrumbs

The Boston Flowers Flours confident play style garnered suspicion over the first three days, most notably for leading the Charge against the Neultral Hellmouth Sunbeams. The League was Surprised on Day 4 to find the Flours had been Incinerated overnight, proving them to have been Glood all along. They were also Revealed to be Hard Boiled, a Mod that allows a Team to Investigate another Team’s Alignment- with the downside that they may be Scrambled and always Receive incorrect Results. But the Flours didn’t leave the League Empty-Handed in their search for the Debted Teams. They left behind a Secret Message known as the “Egg Code”. The Code contained hints to the nature of their Role and the Results of past Investigations by dropping references to “Eggs” in their messages. Boston should have counted their chickens before they hatched, because the Message had been deciphered by a Levil Team, leading to their Incineration.

Sunk Cost

The San Francisco Lovers claimed to be behind the mysterious Birds seen watching over the Canada Moist Talkers, and on Day 3, the Hawaiʻi Fridays. The Lovers stated that their Feathered Friends witnessed the Fridays not take action during the Night. Feeling that the Hawaiʻi Fridays Vibes were wrong, the League pressed the matter, placing down Votes as proof of their intent. Now under Pressure, the Fridays began to flounder and failed to mount a defence as reality Sank in. Ultimately, they decided it was Island Time to go, and Trusted the San Francisco Lovers, deciding that their Revocation would provide proof of the Lovers innocence to the other Teams. In the end, it was Revealed they were a Normal Team with a Glood Alignment.

Through the Fire and the Flames

In Weather, the Sun Block has proven an incredible Asset for the League. The increased rate of Solar Eclipses at Night has resulted in an Outstanding Change to Debt Repayments. The Hades Tigers were one of the more recent victims, their habit of Never Looking Back letting them be taken by Surprise by the Debted Teams, leading to their death. One would be forgiven for thinking the Tigers died for the crime of interacting with the Flours as they left behind the Egg Code, but their fate was only Sealed when the Debted Teams began to suspect the Tigers of holding the Fire Eater Mod. Incinerations and Debt Repayments are Set to continue following the Loss of the Tigers, and the Leagues Creditors could not be satisfied with all the Riches of Hades.

Scoundrelous Revelations

On Day 5 the League turned to Chaos with accusations being slung around like snow in a snowball fight. The Chicago Firefighters took aim at the Philadelphia Pies, who in Turn took aim at the Atlantis Georgias, with the Firefighters being Targets themselves and the Baltimore Crabs holding their fair share of Votes. The Miami Dale were even voting for…the Miami Dale? The Fortunes of the League shifted during the final hour when the Los Angeles Unlimited Tacos Claimed that they were another Hardboiled Team. They believed that the Results of their Investigation had confirmed four Teams to be Glood – the Canada Moist Talkers, the Kansas City Breath Mints, the Philadelphia Pies, and the Ohio Worms. Votes were moved between Teams rapidly in response, and the Atlantis Georgias were narrowly Revoked over the Chicago Firefighters. In a Massive Win for the Glood Teams of the League, they had at long last successfully Revealed a Levil Team! It’s currently unknown if the Underhanded tactics used by the Georgias led to a successfully falsified Levil Result during an Investigation.

Combo Meal

The Los Angeles Unlimited Tacos weren’t the only team to make a dramatic reveal in the final moments of Day 5. The Dallas Steaks and Philadelphia Pies cooked up a plan to protect the Hardboiled Tacos by making themselves an even bigger target – by revealing that they were Stronger Together. The Steaks and Pies knew the others’ Alignment but with the Cost that if one Team died, so would the other. Two Teams for the Price of one was a golden opportunity for the Levil Teams, who took the bait, buying the Tacos precious time to Investigate more Teams.

Sus Franscisco

Following on from their Win on Day 5, the Glood Teams made aggressive moves against the San Francisco Lovers. The Lovers had been heavily involved in the events leading to the Atlantis Georgias being Revoked. They were the cause of a false Role Claim, but had also been seen defending them. These actions had caused them to be accused previously, but they had easily Charmed their way out each time. They tried to Charm the League again- but this time, the writing was on the Wall, and they surrendered themselves to the inevitable. With a Massive 13 Votes, the Lovers were Revoked, and the mysterious Birds were Revealed to have been Crows. The Crows were sent to block other Teams’ attempts at using their Mods, and the claim made by the Georgias was meant to act as cover for the fact that the Crows had been directed to the Hades Tigers the Night they died. With two Levil Teams now Revoked back to back, who knows what Events will occur downstream? Will the Levil Teams complete their Debt Repayments? Or will the Glood Teams Revoke them first?

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