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The Week started with the League down to 13 Teams, with 4 Debts remaining among us. The Debted Teams couldn’t afford to let the Hardboiled LA Unlimited Tacos live any longer and so they Paid the Ultimate Price during Night 6. The Tacos dramatic reveal at the end of Day 5 had saved the Chicago Firefighters, and then chained into Revoking the Levil Atlantis Georgias and San Francisco Lovers one after the other. Without their leadership and guidance will the Glood Teams fall apart?

Gotta Had it to them

The Breckenridge Jazz Hands added their name to the list of Teams making Claims. In order to undercut suspicions aimed at them, the Jazz Hands announced that they were the second Neultral Team, and that their Win condition was to Revoke the Canada Moist Talkers. The Moist Talkers, who famously do not know what their Role does, felt the Claim fit with what they knew about their Role and chose to believe the Jazz Hands. A Bargain was struck between the League and the Jazz Hands. If possible the League will ask the Moist Talkers for Forgiveness and then Revoke them. In Return the Jazz Hands will assist in eliminating the Levil Teams. Naturally, the Jazz Hands will just as easily betray the League if it will help them achieve their goal.  

Thanks it has Pockets

After Revoking two Levil Teams, the Miami Dale looked to extend the streak to a third and complete a Hat Trick. The Baltimore Crabs and Canada Moist Talkers stood by their side to try and eliminate the Tokyo Lift. The Lift had been using Elsewhere to befriend and scramble the Chicago Firefighters. When the Lift became the top choice for Revoking the Firefighters were resistant to the idea, and instead looked to Revoke the Breckenridge Jazz Hands. Thanks to the Baltimore Crabs’ Vote Suppression the Vote was tied between the two, setting the Day for an electrifying finish. The Dale convinced the Yellowstone Magic to Change sides, and they broke the tie. To the absolute devastation of the Chicago Firefighters the Lift admitted their guilt, telling the Firefighters they had been using them as fall guys. With a clear confession the League easily Revoked the Tokyo Lift, and their Debt was Relieved.

Zapped Away

In Weather, the streak of Solar Eclipses has continued unimpeded, along with the unbroken chain of Team Incinerations at the hands of Rogue Umpires. Words were no longer enough to Deal with the Miami Dale, the most Valuable Players in the Game, so the Debted Teams had them Incinerated. The Dale had caused quite the ruckus, and were in the process of Consolidating the Glood Teams together and giving the League a Guaranteed Win. They say you can’t leave anything behind when you die, but the Dale left behind ‘The Chart’ listing the Teams they believed to be the Debt Holders, now the only thing left to do is see if their prediction will come to pass.

Down and Out

A Night Shift had impacted the Core Mechanics, swapping out one Champion for another. The two Champions held drastically different playstyles, and the new erratic style caused suspicion to land on the Mechs. Further examination of the Mechs Voting patterns made the situation worse. The Mechanics were also one of the Teams listed on the Dale’s Chart to Revoke, the combination of factors sent them to the top of the list of suspects. The League couldn’t resist another nail biting finish, and ultimately the Core Mechanics joined the Atlantis Georgias, San Francisco Lovers, and Tokyo Lift in admitting their guilt and allowed themselves to be Revoked gracefully.

The Death Mints

The Breath Mints were the first proper Role Claim, and they even backed it up with proof! The Kansas City Breath Mints Claimed at the beginning of Day 2 that they had a power that meant their Votes counted for double, and then showed it off by Voting for themselves. They had courted Incineration Day after Day, but every Night the Levil Teams always felt that there was someone just a bit more threatening. But with the total number of Teams dropping into single digits it was time for the Breath Mints to go, and the Levil Teams provided them a swift entry into the Town Hall.

Tie Died

Day Nine dawned over the League, signalling the start of yet another chaotic day. With only two Debts remaining the Levil Teams chances of victory were shrinking rapidly. The Ohio Worms made a large move, Claiming a Role often called a ‘Medium’ – that is, they Claimed that they could talk to Deceased Glood Teams. Despite a small chance of success it seemed that some of the last Teams were willing to believe the spurious Claims, and the Day was spent with Teams suspicions divided between the Houston Spies, Ohio Worms, and Seattle Garages. When the Yellowstone Magic saw three Votes for the Worms and three for the Garages they gave up on pushing the Spies and swapped their Vote to the Ohio Worms to try and avoid a tie, forgetting about the Crabs ability to Suppress a Vote. When reached for comment the Crabs Champions had this to say “oh god what no”. The Day Closed with the actual Votes for the Worms and Garages tied at 3. Fans went wild speculating about the process for breaking ties. Mafia operates on Blaseball Rules, and that means ties are broken via Divine Favor. The Garages had a Divine Favor of 3 and the Worms’ was 12. The Worms couldn’t worm their way out of this one and were Revoked. The Reveal confirmed Fan Theories as the Ohio Worms Debt was Relieved and their Negative Mod was displayed for all to see, which had allowed them to appear as Glood when Investigated.

Gods’ Night

Now it is Gods’ Night, the very last Gods’ Night. Seven Teams Remain, and there is only one Debt among us. Can the last Levil Team Claim victory from the jaws of defeat, or will the Glood Teams Close it out? Will the Breckenridge Jazz Hands succeed in Revoking the Canada Moist Talkers? There’s only one way to find out, and that’s to continue Tuning In.

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Siesta! Go to Sleep! 

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