And welcome to another Blaseball recap by yours truly, Benson “Nutty” Newton. As the Blaseball News Network’s sole intern, I’m glad to have been delegated the task of these roundups from my Sentient News Network bosses. Without further ado, lets jump into the last 10 days worth of news!

feedback frenzy continues

While through 24 games of Season 4 we only saw two instances of Feedback impacting Blaseball, we’ve seen two instances in the last six games. In a seemingly otherwise routine Crabs victory over the Jazz Hands, feedback struck once again during day 25. The crabs exchanged 3.5* batter Valentine Games with the Jazz Hands with actual Blaseball playing fox, 2.5* batter Tot Fox.

In a statement released to BNN, Tot Fox seems to regret not doing what they could in order to stop the Feedback Frenzy from occurring. Maybe next time.

Just several games later, after a Moist Talkers win, Workman Gloom was separated from his beloved puppy Beasley Gloom, a treasured teammate on the Shoe Thieves. In return for Workman Gloom, the Moist Talkers sent over Joe Vorhees, a trade with which nobody seems happy about.

record setting gameplay

Another set of 10 games brings about another record smashed. During day 21, the Flowers vs. Steaks match up went a lengthy 22 innings, breaking the previous record of 20 innings set by the Jazz Hands and Moist Mouths in Season 3. Congratulations to the Steaks for having the endurance to squeak out a 4-3 win.



All around the league, it seems that things are settling in. Barring some major changes in lineups, this may be largely the way the standings stay for the rest of the season. However, lets dig into each division.


Since game 20, the Lawful Good Division hasn’t seen much shakeup. The Firefighters still hold a mighty grasp over the rest of the division. The Unlimited Tacos make up a far last, with only 9 total wins to their name, almost certainly killing their playoffs dreams..


In the Chaotic Good Division, the New York Millennials stand atop the entire league, alongside the Firefighters and Hades Tigers. With the Shoe Thieves and Hawaii Fridays still vying for 3rd and 4th and the Yellowstone Magic only holding a one game lead on 2nd, this division has potential to heat up soon. We can’t help but think, however, that barring something drastic the Flowers are already out of postseason contention.


The Hades Tigers Playground (or, the Lawful Evil Division) continues to secretly be the strongest division in the league. The only league with three teams over .500, all by a decent margin, it proves to show how powerful the Hades Tigers truly are. With 22 wins in a division with two 17 team wins and the strongest 4th and 5th place contenders, how dominant would they be in any of the other leagues? I don’t want to imagine it.


The Choatic Evil division seems to be remaining the well balanced team in the league. With continually interesting interdivisional play and lots of losses handed from outside the division, one might wonder if this is, in fact, the weakest division.


Thanks for tuning in to another roundup from me, Benson “Nutty” Newton. With that, we’re about 30% through the almighty Season 4 of The Cultural Event that is Blaseball. We hope you’ll join us for our next recap.

Keep an eye our for upcoming things we have planned such as:

  • Power Rankings
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  • Interviews.

the commissioner is doing a great job.


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