And welcome to another Blaseball roundup from your favorite cyclops Blaseball News Network intern, Benson “Nutty” Newton. I just took a few days off thanks to labor law requirements but now I’m back in the BNN office and ready to help the ol’ sentient news network round up the Cultural Event of Blaseball News from the last few days of competition.

In memoriam:whit steakknife

Tragically, during a routine solar eclipse game vs. the San Francisco Lovers, beloved Kansas City Breath Mints Hitter Whit Steakknife was incinerated. This is the first incineration of what many hoped would be a less tragic season than before. However, the Discipline Era lives on, which means we’re sure to still see plenty of incarcerations to come. We wish the Breath Mints Blaseball family well as they continue playing through the loss of their friend and teammate, a literal knife.

feedback frenzy

Mere moments after winning a game in which they were favored, the feedback that surrounded the match gave the New York Millennials a loss. The strange weather conditions forced the teams 1.5* hitter Alyssa Harrel to switch allegiances to their opponent and division rival, the Yellowstone Magic, in return for the 1* Hitter Penelope Matthews.

the rich get richer


After a few games at the beginning of this season, it was looking like the Hades Tigers, and by extension 2x Blaseball League MVP Jessica Telephone, might just be a normal Blaseball team after all. However, 20 games into the season, this is anything but true. The wielder of the Dial Tone swallowed a stray Peanut and had a yummy reaction, raising her from a 5* to a 5.5* player. Just when we at BNN thought that Jessica Telephone and the Tigers couldn’t get better, we were proven wrong.

day 20 standings and takeaways.

Another 10% of Blaseball Season 4 has passed us by, as 20 games have been finished up. Here’s a bit of personal analysis from myself, Benson, on how the last 10 games have impacted the divisions.


By game 10, we started to see how the Lawful Good division was going to shake out, with the Chicago Firefighters dominantly on top at 9-2. The last 10 games have done.. nothing to the Lawful Good division. In fact, the standings are exactly the same. The Firefighters even still have exactly a three game lead on the Breath Mints. Boring.


By the end of game 20, the Lawful Evil seems to once again be a freeroll springboard into the playoffs for the Blaseball Dominating Hades Tigers. Especially now that their best hitter has gained another half star after eating a stray peanut, the Lawful Evil division seems to be the Tigers for the Taking. In more interesting news, the Philly Pies rallied from a 3-8 start to now be 10-10, tied for third in the division.



Feedback’s lusty pull has effected the division in the last 10 days, swapping a 1 star hitter from the 2nd place Yellowstone Magic to the 1st place New York Millennials, in return for one whole 1.5 star hitter. Will this be enough to change up an otherwise boring division, featuring 3 almost .500 teams, and two outliers on top and bottom? We’ll see.


Keeping with past seasons of Blaseball, the Chaotic Evil division is turning out to be one of the most interesting in the league.


While the Breckenridge Jazz Hands have maintained first place, their lead has grown from one game to two. The Moist Talkers have moved from 4-6 and 3rd place to 11-10 and 2nd place, while the previously 2nd, 6-4 Seattle Garages have tumbled to 8-12 and a fourth place position. Always unpredictable, the Houston Spies hold the back of the division, with almost all of the 7 wins seeming to be 60%+ odds upsets.


Thanks for tuning in to another roundup from me, Benson “Nutty” Newton. It was great to get to relax for the last few days but I’m ready to get back to helping the ol’ Sentient News Network BNN get back to covering The Cultural Event that is Blaseball.

the commissioner is doing a great job.


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