Author: Kina McCloud

Season 12 for the Miami Dale was a wild ride, and Dale had one of their best seasons to date. Still, they have the Life of the Party, and it would not be a complete season without the Miami Dale being in PARTYTIME.

The Dale started Season 12 by Non-Losing two of their first three games against the Hades Tigers. By the end of Season 12’s midseason, Day 72, the Miami Dale had a decent standing with 36 Wins and 36 Non-Losses to 36 Losses. As the Lateseason continued so did the call of Party Time. They finally entered Party Time on Day 94, and boy was it a party, if I can remember correctly.

This season, the Miami Dale finished fourth in the Wild Low closely behind the Boston Flowers and Houston Spies. The Hellmouth Sunbeams were first in the Wild Low, receiving 11 more wins than the Miami Dale.

It looks to have been a fairly standard Season for the Miami Dale, but there were some notable Blaseball-related events during the Season. Unfortunately, I don’t report on non-Blaseball related events, despite how rad they were.

Raúl Leal was swept away during the Flooding weather, but thankfully Raúl returned after four days.

Beck Whitney partied this Season, and the party vibes appear to have helped Beck as a batter. Beck Whitney will be one to keep an eye on.

Randy Dennis had an allergic reaction to a peanut this Season, but Randy also partied this year and seems to have slightly recovered from the reaction.

Qais Dogwalker continues to be an incredible pitcher, and was even included in a BNN article of Season 12’s best players written by Firewall Andrews.

I could continue to gush about how psyched I was for all the players on the Miami Dale this Season, but I’m being told to turn it down a notch. 

Returning to something incredibly cool, let’s talk about the Electric Miami Dale this Season. Electricity was bouncing across the stadiums and according to the Miami Dale feed, they zapped a whopping 622 strikes this Season. That’s 622 more chances to party, and also more chances to receive a Run!   

Season 12’s election was fairly quiet for the Miami Dale. The Dale voted for the Wills Infuse Logan Horseman and chose Randy Dennis to receive a trust. Logan Horseman was infused and received an increase to their overall ability. Randy Dennis received the trust, Flippers, a modification that helps Runners if immateria floods.

The future looks rad for the Miami Dale, and Party Time will be incredible to see once construction of Worldwide Field is complete. No matter what’s the result of the next season, we still have Miami Dale. This has been McCloud, and as they say, ¡Dale!

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