Blaseball Season 6 Playoff Odds Update

The sixth season of recorded blaseball history is halfway finished, and our analysts have been hard at work figuring out the most likely playoff teams based on the first 50 or so games.

So here’s our quick look at the predicted playoff teams from each league, along with the odds of each making the playoffs and winning the Internet Series.

Wild High Champions: 🦀 Baltimore Crabs (100% to make playoffs, 82% to win Internet Series)

The Crabs are the best team in blaseball and at this point, the gods might not even be able to stop them. It would take several lineup shakeups and some serious bad luck for them to fall anywhere short of the championship.

Wild Low Champions: 🕵 Houston Spies (50% to make playoffs, 0% to win Internet series)

The Wild Low division is the toughest to predict, but the Spies have a healthy lead at the halfway point and seem to be the team to beat in the division. We give both the 🌹 Boston Flowers and 🌞 Hellmouth Sunbeams a 25% chance of catching the Spies for first place in this division by season’s end.

Wild cards: 🔥 Chicago Firefighters (45% to make playoffs, 5% to win Internet Series) and 👐 Breckenridge Jazz Hands (30% to make playoffs, 2% to win Internet Series)

While the Wild High division features plenty of top competitors, we still think the two other playoff teams from the Wild league will come from the High division. It’s impossible to count out the 📱 New York Millennials or 💋 San Francisco Lovers, who was have with 10% chances each of making the playoffs. We just believe that the Firefighters have the championship experience needed to make a late charge for the first wild card spot, and Nagomi Mcdaniel will keep the Jazz Hands on track for the second position.

Mild High Champions: 🎸 Seattle Garages (35% to make playoffs, 1% to win Internet Series)

Here’s one of our first big surprises. We see the Garages making a late run to the top of the Mild High division, and even give them a chance of winning it all. They’ve been tested against teams with records over .500 all season, and while they haven’t been super successful, they’ve more than held their own. With four capable pitchers (Huerta, Monstera, Clark and Marshallow) and a superstar batter in Lang Richardson, this team could make some noise.

Mild Low Champions: 🥧 Philly Pies (80% to make playoffs, 8% to win Internet Series)

Just like splortsmanship, Jessica Telephone is BACK. The future blaseball Hall of Famer is leading the Pies to the top of the Mild Low division, while Bright Zimmerman, Betsy Trombone and Elvis Figueroa have delivered some fantastic pitching performances. As of today, they’re the team with the best shot of taking down the Crabs in the finals.

Wild cards: 👟 Charleston Shoe Thieves (40% to make playoffs, 1% to win Internet Series) and 🐅 Hades Tigers (40% to make playoffs, 1% to win Internet Series)

We also give the Mints (20%) and Magic (5%) a shot to make it out of the Mild Wild Card hunt, but the Shoe Thieves and Tigers simply have the most talent on their rosters. Beasley Gloom and Gunther O’Brian have overhauled the Charleston pitching staff, while Hiroto Wilcox and Famous Owens are keeping the Tigers on track from the mound.

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