The votes have been cast and counted, and the Blaseball gods have decided the fate of the league for Season 6 and beyond.

The election was anticipated by fans and players alike, but now that the results are out, let’s take a quick look at how everything shook out, and then discuss some of the ramifications of the latest bit of splorts democracy in action.

Decree or BlessingRecipient or Result
High FilterRearranged divisions in standings order
Zombies, Run! Presents Horde HallucinationsBaltimore Crabs
Rollback NetcodeBaltimore Crabs
Bad NeighborsCharleston Shoe Thieves
KatamariChicago Firefighters
SolidarityHawaii Fridays
Keeping it WavyKansas City Breath Mints
Falling StarsBaltimore Crabs see a boost to Nagomi Mcdaniel, Forrest Best, Kennedy Loser and Pedro Davids
SeductionBreckenridge Jazz Hands receive Nagomi Mcdaniel from the Crabs and send back Holden Stanton
Soul SwapCharleston Shoe Thieves saw Gunther O’Brian become a 2-star, Beasley Gloom become a .5-star, then a 2.5-star, Kevin Dudley become a 2-star, and Snyder Briggs become a .5-star
Mutual AidDallas Steaks have Conner Haley swap to hitter and August Mina swap to pitcher
The Plan? Hit from the MoundDallas Steaks received August Sky from the Jazz Hands, who becomes a batter. They send back Combs Estes to the Hands.
The Plan? Pitch from the PlateBaltimore Crabs receive Axel Trololol in exchange for Joshua Watson
Fireproof JacketMclaughlin Scorpler (Hades Tigers)
Flame-Resistant FoamMoist Talkers
Noise-Cancelling HeadphonesMclaughlin Scorpler (Hades Tigers)
WaxHawaii Fridays

Wow! First of all, starting with the decree, this is sure to shake things up, as the most powerful teams are now all stuck together in a single division.

And while many will point to the Crabs gaining a lot in this election, don’t overlook the loss of the super-buffed Nagomi Mcdaniel. That will hurt Baltimore and really help the Jazz Hands. Just look at all those stars!

And finally … what a turn of events for the Dallas Steaks! After not receiving any blessings of note since Jessica Telephone was swapped away, they get a huge boost to their lineup, adding both August Sky (formerly of the Jazz Hands) and Conner Haley (beloved but not very good pitcher for the Steaks) to their already solid batch of hitters.

Blaseball News Network will have lots of reactions and news coming out of this election, but we want to hear from you. Let us know on social media, in the comments, or via soulscream how you feel about the results of the Season 5 election!

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