Introducing the Blaseball News Network Patreon

A letter from BNN:

Today, we are excited to announce that we are launching the Blaseball News Network Patreon!

For those who do not know, Patreon is a subscription platform that allows members to support creators with a specified monthly donation. Each donation amount, or Tier, will receive special perks in thanks.

The Tiers we are starting with are the following:

Tiers as of Launch

The $5 “BNN Fan” Tier gets your name on our splash page, in our YouTube videos, and on the BNN Twitter at the end of the month. The $10 “BNN Family” Tier also comes with your name on the splash page, on a Family page in videos, and on Twitter, as well as a unique role on our Discord. The $25 “BNN Sponsor” Tier gets your name on a unique Sponsor page at the end of videos, on Twitter, and on the Splash page, a unique role on the Discord, and a once a month shoutout of your choosing on the BNN Twitter.

Supporting our Patreon will enable us to pay the team behind all your favorite articles, live streams, podcasts, and more. Here is a visual breakdown of how funding will be distributed:

Funds Distribution Breakdown

Once a month (usually on the 15th or 16th), total funding in Patreon will be funneled to PayPal, and then distributed based on the breakdown above. Board Members will each receive 12% of the funds. The Broadcast and Writing Divisions will each receive 20% of the funds. Any money BNN receives outside of our Patreon will be distributed using the same breakdown.

We recognize that as BNN grows and morphs, the distribution of funds may change. Any changes to how funds are distributed will be made clear to our supporters.

We here at BNN are beyond grateful for the love and support the Blaseball community has shown and continues to show us. We would not be where we are without you. We will keep making our content, same as it ever was, free to enjoy.

Thank you and Play Ball!

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