Dale Season 13 Recap & Election Analysis

by Kina McCloud

Season 13 was the best season the Miami Dale have had to date. Despite not being playoff ready or being in PartyTime for more than a day during Season 13, they still managed to play quite well. 

The Dale’s Season started in very promising fashion and stayed that way even after the MidSeason. Just barely missing the Playoffs, the Dale entered PartyTime on Day 99 with a Record of 55-44. It needs to be stated, some of the pitching rotation really struggled this Season, and the rest of the Dale have been playing hard to make up for their Team’s difficulties.

One of the most shocking events during the Season was a Rogue Umpire incinerating Raúl Leal. RIV. Leal was replaced by Riley Firewall, and Firewall has started off with a decent Season. Future Seasons will tell how well Riley plays with the Dale, but for Season 13 Riley did a good job getting on base.

We saw several Blooddrains through this Season, but both Caleb Novak and Jasmine Washington had Blooddrains that reduced their hitting or baserunning. Beck also got slightly better as a Batter due to blood drains. Other than the Blooddrains, few active events affected the Dale.

    Let’s talk about numbers and stlats, they are hard to figure out. Speaking is pretty easy for me, but trying to numbers how hard a player hits is kinda out there. Instead, I want to simply highlight some of the players during the Dale’s Season.

    Francisca Sasquatch continues to be incredible at hitting the Blaseball. Fran reliably gets on base, mostly by hitting the Blaseball hard, but can also be expected to walk. We’re not talking only Singles here either, Doubles and Triples are within Fran’s wheelhouse.

    After an Infuse from Season 12, Logan Horseman has been playing way better during Season 13. Logan got on base quite a bit during this Season and mostly by hitting the Blaseball hard. If you like pickles, Logan has quite often stolen bases throughout the Season.

    Beck Whitney stole bases nearly as often as Logan did, and Beck scored Runs quite often throughout the Season. Not to mention, Beck also got an improvement from the blood drain this Season.

Qais Dogwalker remains great at striking people out. If my memory serves, Qais only walked 2 players in the entire Season. The fewer people on base, the fewer Runs that can be collected.

Finally, Wyatt Owens, what can I say that doesn’t harsh vibes. Wyatt played several games in the Earlseason that were extremely clutch, and the Miami Dale managed to win those games. That is all.

Did I say last Season was electrifying for the Dale? Well, I was wrong, that was just a zap compared to this Season. By my count, electricity stuck 667 times across the stadiums when the Dale were at bat. I don’t know if this is what the Dale meant by lightshow, but it does the trick.

The Season 13 elections played out mostly to the Miami Dale’s benefit. To start it off, the Crabs exchanged Baldwin Breadwinner for the Dale’s Logan Horseman. 

The Dale also sent Wyatt Owens to the Shadows and brought out Liam Snail as a replacement. Liam Snail appears to be a solid pitcher, and I await their first game. This is also a solid move by the Fans of the Miami Dale, as Wyatt struggled often on the pitcher’s mound.

Dale then infused Rivers Clembons to increase their stats which was definitely needed after a lackluster pitching Season.

Also, being part of Wild Low’s Bubble Plan, the Dale benefitted from an increase to all of their stats. This increase is applied to every team in the Wild Low, and is a welcome bonus.

One of the Dale’s biggest weaknesses in the previous Seasons was their pitching. With improved pitchers, their Rotation has dramatically improved and could be the change that puts them in the Playoffs. Their Lineup can be improved, but I believe no matter what, the Dale will Party somehow.


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