SEASON 6 is finished.

Hey there everybody, Benson “Nutty” Newton here with some more amazing written content. This time I have something special for you, the staff of BNN’s amazing Season 6 Postseason Predictions! We look forward to be proven wrong!

This Postseason will be unlike any that we’ve ever seen, thanks to, well, the great unbalance of teams that are present. The Boston Flowers, as much as we enjoy their great run into the playoffs, probably aren’t going to make it very far. The Boston Crabs, are, well, significantly better than everybody else. But!

The Philly Pies and Jazz Hands will both be in hot water this Postseason because at the end of the Regular season… The great Peanut… Returned…

and did something to their star players Jessica Telephone and Nagomi Mcdaniel.

Despite the unprecedented conditions, we still did our predictions, and BNN itself did some predictions as well!

firewall Andrews

Surprising to nobody, Firewall Andrews of Flangraphs is sticking with the stats and picking the complete favorite Baltimore Crabs to win it all. However, there are some surprises along the way, with the Seattle Garages making it to the Finals.


Even with Jessica Telephone being stuck in a Peanut, Splortscaster believes that the Philly Pies have the ability to go all the way to the Finals and surprise the Regular Season Champs Baltimore Crabs. Perhaps Jessica Telephone will crack the peanut she is trapped in just in the nick of time!

me, Benson

I wish my bracket was more spicy. But alas, I think that this Preseason is pretty open and shut. Especially with the two best offensive players in the League being Shelled and potentially neutered, there’s nobody left to stop the Crabs from rolling all over the quarters, semis, and Finals. I do believe, however, that especially with Nagomi being potentially absent from the Jazz Hands, this will open the door for the Two-Time-League Champs Hades Tigers to get to the Finals.

Forsythia Helltiger

Forsythia Helltiger, a peppy new Independent Reporter that the BNN Boss has brought in recently, seems to have quite the eventful bracket! The Garages win it all! That’s exciting. Other than that spicy pick, and the Flowers beating the Crabs, this bracket looks completely normal.

blaseball news network processing centers

Well, BNN promised me a bracket to include in this article, based upon their apparently superior intellect and processing power. However, I haven’t yet seen anything from them by publishing time, so it seems it will have to wait for another time. They should really get some hardware upgrades.


lets go to the postseason.

No matter what weird curve balls the Regular Season and The Peanut have brought us, Blaseball must still be played! We look forward to seeing the wacky twists and turns this postseason will bring us.

the commissioner is doing a great job.


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