A Wild Failure with Mild Enjoyment?

As we all know, Blaseball, and all its unpredictability, is rather enjoyable. Everything from Blessings that boost a whole Team, to weather conditions that trade players between Teams. Unpredictability, in this way, helps keep things interesting.

I was quite excited last season to see some unknown decrees that could bring anything to the table and one thing it brought us, that I was personally excited for too, was a new separation of Leagues. Though the way it split the teams seemed to push toward a predictable outcome I was confident that Blaseball would screw all that up and give us some unexpected turnouts at the end of the season.

I was wrong.

In the Wild League they put the five best Teams in the Wild High division and the five worst teams in Wild Low. This seemed the most ripe for a predictable outcome but I was optimistic. Unfortunately it came out that Wild High ended with majority of the winning power! So much so that they nearly took every seat for Wild in the coming playoffs if it were not for the fact that the Flowers tied the Millenials in wins on the very last Day of the Season.

What was really surprising was that the Mild League followed suit! It contained the top five and bottom five Teams from the middle of the Season 5 standings. With that close of a power spread, you’d think there would be a bit more of a power struggle. While there was one early, over time it followed a similar pattern of wins. Aside from the outlier of the Pies, all of Mild Low had more losses than wins.

If it were to continue like this, Blaseball could end up with some boring predictability. HOWEVER! I’m always optimistic, and I believe this won’t be this case for long. For one, if the Leagues are kept as is, between things like Blessings and possible Enhanced Party Time (a new Decree up for vote this election), the power of the Teams will shift around enough that this obvious predictability will slip away quickly, leaving us guessing a bit more at what sets of Teams are getting into the playoffs. Another possible outcome is the Commissioner may realize how this set up of Teams may seem boring and choose a much more arbitrary structuring technique that would only add to the unusual nature of Blaseball!

The way I see it, this was not the best way to structure the Teams, but as long as they don’t reshuffled into a new Wild and Mild after each Season, the League will get more interesting in its set up in time.

Until then, I’ll keep my eye out.

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