Who were the MVPs of Season 1 of the Coronation Era of Blaseball?

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Blaseball has returned, and so have the talented athletes who take to the Field every day and play the games. But not every player is equal. Some are better than others. Some are the best. We’re here to talk about the best.

Many thanks to Dargo4#2798 on Discord for organizing the first Most Valuable Player voting of the new era, which let a panel of Blaseball statisticians and observers vote on the best batters and pitchers of Season 1, plus the postseason MVP and some honorable mentions.

So without any more delay, here are the best players from Season 1 of the Coronation Era of Blaseball.

A list of players named in MVP voting is available at the bottom of the article.

Best Batter Award

Dargo’s panel named five players per ballot, and across 24 ballots, every single ballot contained one name: Fletcher Peck.

The Mexico City Wild Wings’ batter finished with 24 home runs, tied for seventh in ILB, and a 1.234 OPS that was second among full-time players behind only Kiki Avci.

Peck also played sound defense, recording an out on over 78% of the balls hit in their direction, which ranks comfortably in the top half of ILB defenders.

Doing all of this as the league’s RBI leader and second-best run scorer was more than enough to cement their status as the near-consensus MVP of the first season of the era.

Anastasia Isarobot Memorial Best Pitcher Award

The winner of the first Best Pitcher Award of the era is also the new namesake for the award, as they will be honored posthumously after being the target of an incineration by the Umpires following the opening of the Forbidden Book in the Season 1 elections.

Anastasia Isarobot was the only pitcher to top 200 strikeouts in Season 1, finishing with a 2.24 ERA and a 17-1 record on the mound. They also issued only four walks, the second-lowest total in the league behind Randy Dennis of the Flowers.

Isarobot was a star in the league and their talents will be missed, but their legacy lives on through this award.

BNN Postseason MVP Award

A list of players named in MVP voting is available at the bottom of the article.

While the Wild Wings sweep the Regular Season awards, it was the Shoe Thieves who snuck into the Internet Series and ran away with the victory.

With that in mind, it was their unlikely hero, Ankle Halifax, who gets the nod as Postseason MVP. With several clutch hits in the Post Season, including multiple home runs in the Internet Series and the Series-deciding hit to win it all for Charleston, they stood out ahead of teammate Penelope Berkowitz, who provided world-class defense for the Thieves throughout the playoffs.

Honorable Mentions

Your guess is as good as ours, but here are some players the panel wished to shout out!

A list of players named in MVP voting is available at the bottom of the article.

Full results

Best Pitcher Award:

  1. Anastasia Isarobot
  2. Marco Escobar
  3. Plums Blather
  4. Mehdi Caper
  5. Dunn Keyes
  6. Mooney Doctor
  7. Premjeet Liu
  8. Erin Jesaulenko
  9. Waverly Mori
  10. Malik Romayne

Best Batter Award:

  1. Fletcher Peck
  2. Kiki Avci
  3. Stretch Sutton
  4. Katja Twain
  5. Baldwin Jones
  6. Jorge Owens
  7. Mckinney Vaughan
  8. Sheri Friday
  9. Jammy Decksetter
  10. Jira Sealegs
  11. Demet Cabrera

Postseason MVP:

  1. Ankle Halifax
  2. Penelope Berkowitz
  3. Fletcher Peck
  4. Kaj Statter Jr.
  5. Yusef Puddles
  6. Fish Summer
  7. Anastasia Isarobot
  8. Alexandria Rosales

Honorable Mentions:

  • Demet Cabrera
  • James Boy
  • Malin Hsu
  • Penelope Berkowitz
  • Premjeet Liu
  • Yusef Puddles
  • Allan Kranch
  • Anastasia Isarobot
  • Baldwin Jones
  • Beck Whitney
  • Blimp Hardison
  • Elijah Valenzuela
  • Elip Dean
  • Emmet Atomic
  • Fletcher Peck
  • Grizz El-Sayid
  • Hatfield Suzuki
  • Jammy Decksetter
  • Jefferson de la Cruz
  • Jorge Owens
  • Lorcan Smaht
  • Mordecai Kingbird
  • Nathaniel Wilds
  • Nori Bluegrass
  • Ovid Schofield
  • Randy Dennis
  • Roscoe Sundae
  • Scratch Deleuze
  • Son Jensen
  • Stevenson Heat
  • Terrel Bradley
  • Vanille Okidoke
  • Waverly Mori
  • whichever ffs pitcher had the sub 2 ERA
  • Zack Sanders

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