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Sosa Hayes

Top 3 reasons to vote for normal human adult Sosa Hayes for Hall of Fame:

  1. Played for 4 teams in all eras of Blaseball and had success with each (ring with the wings, underring with the Dale, star Georgias batter and star spies batter and pitcher)
  2. Amazing basestealer during the late expansion era, getting up to 130 bases stolen in one season!

Come back next week for more reasons to vote for Sosa Hayes!


Fitzgerald Blackburn

Fitzgerald Blackburn has been on the Houston Spies since Season 3, Day 76. stepping in as an incineration replacement. Haven’t heard of them? That’s because they’re doing a good job. Despite being noticed by SIBR for their Seed&Hot Dog viability in S19, they, as any good spy should, narrowly avoided gaining any Ego. Being this good took time, though. Blackburn has been the lead off hitter for the Spies for many of their 8.4k plate appearances (except for that one season on the Lovers), and it’s plain to see why. Blackburn has had the longest contiguous reign as ILB Pope (highest divinity in the league, S7D95 to S14D01), and was chosen as the third lineup player for the Americano Water Works. They’ve had two batting seasons in the top 10%, with their highest WRC+ hitting 171 in S16 (and a career average of 117). Their career WHaT sits at 38.9 – in the top 15% of the league.

Always bet on Blackburn.

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Logan Horseman

Logan Horseman is likely to be the best batter you’ve never heard of. They had a great if understated career in the DE, being a consistently great (20% or so better than league average by OPS+) batter. But in the Expansion Era, they put up some of the best seasons ever: from S12 to their death in S19 they had a 0.96 OPS, which in context means they were about twice as good as the average batter (188 OPS+). Specifically, just before being incinerated, they put up a 1.23 OPS and a 0.399 batting average in s18, one of the best batting performances of all time. Their peak is up there with the best of them, with your Aldon or Conner, but they played on the Dale and died just before league-wide offense would explode in S19 due to sim adjustments. If the purpose of the Hall is to showcase underrated players, Logan Horseman is a fantastic pick.


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