Miami Dale Season 15 Recap

By: Kina McCloud


Coming from a mediocre Season 14, the Miami Dale seemed to be heading to another average season. Against all odds, Dale made the Playoffs for the first time in Season 15. They finished second in Wild Low and third in the entire Wild League, but were eliminated from the Playoffs by the Hades Tigers in a 3-1 Series.

Through Season 15, Dale had a Record of 56-43 and 57 total wins. They started the season with good lead and stayed near the top of the Wild Low Division for much of the season. Early PARTYTIME continues to evade the Dale, which is incredibly out of character for them, but don’t worry— they’re still partying hard.

Riley Firewall came back from Elsewhere on Day 27 after being swept Elsewhere in Season 14. Don Elliot was swept Elsewhere on Day 60 and has not returned, but it’s pretty rad that the ILB sent Don Elliot a bat despite Don being Elsewhere. Hopefully, Don will soon return to Worldwide Field and learn that the Miami Dale made the Playoffs.

Worldwide Field saw some new improvements funded during the Midseason by Fans. An incredible LCD Soundsystem was installed along with a Secret Base. Fans inside Worldwide Field have yet to see the LCD Soundsystem do anything other than sound rad, but Players have been going in and out of the Secret Base. So far, Players have not been changed by the Secret Base here in Miami, but other changes have affected the Players.

Consumers were a constant threat during Season 15 with their attacks resulting in a stat loss. The Miami Dale nearly avoided Consumers this Season, but on Day 99 Consumers attacked Logan Horseman. Despite the Consumer attack, Logan continues to play well and even scored 2 Solo Home Runs on Day 99.

Jasmine Washington had an allergic reaction to a peanut on Day 104 during the Playoffs. It’s always a bummer to see good Players suffer allergic reactions, but Jasmine continues to be good at recognizing opportunities for sacrifice hits.

Avila Guzman was Feedbacked for Jomgy Rolsenthal from the Spies on Day 93. While the Dale will definitely miss Avila, Jomgy is already becoming part of la familia. In the eleven games since being Feedbacked to the Dale, Jomgy has hit 2 Doubles, 5 Singles, 1 Home Run, and stole a base.

During the Election, Cannonball Sports was Exchanged for Lover’s Pitcher Parker Meng. Cannonball, used to being a Batter, will have to flex their Pitching muscles during Season 16. 

Parker Meng was recruited by the Crabs right after joining the Dale.

Sixpack Santiago had a Pitching Infusion, increasing their ability quite a bit. Sixpack also received the Living Single Blessing on a 1% chance. Early stat rankers have noted that Sixpack’s pitching is incredibly ruthless and overpowers many batters. It is yet to be seen what Sixpack can do now on the Pitcher’s mound, but they have definitely improved. 

The entire ILB got Bats this season during the Election, but Jomgy Rolsenthal received a special Chunky Bat that gave Jomgy the Chunky Modification, giving them “100% more Power in Peanut Weather.”

Looking forwards to Season 16, the Dale have a really good pitching Rotation, but their batting Lineup still has some work to do. Early PARTYTIME may just continue to evade the Miami Dale, but despite everything else, they will party.


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