How Bad Are NaN’s Batting Abilities?

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Author: Logan Brown

Editor’s Note: As of Season 14, Day 79, NaN has been a pitcher for the Hades Tigers. This article was written well in advance of that occurrence.

NaN is arguably the worst player in the IBL. They’ve played since Season 3, and their career is steeped in lore. So much so that it’s hard to even keep track of it all. Though they’re one of Blaseball’s longest-tenured players, their stats leave much to be desired. Please note that these stats only go up to Season 13. 

First, let’s look at their batting average (BA) and batting average with runners in scoring position (BA w/RISP). Their first Season BA was .165, which means they put 16.5 out of 100 balls into play, or 16.5% of balls pitched to them in Season 3. During Season 13, his BA was .150. So, over the course of the Seasons, it actually went DOWN. NaN’s lifetime BA is .176- the worst BA of any Blaseball player who has played 3 or more Seasons. From Season 3, NaN’s BA w/RISP was .167. Their average in this category from Season 13 was .306. Their overall BA w/RISP is .211- which again, is god awful. 

Next, we’ll look at slugging averages. This is divided into slugging percentage (SLG) and on-base plus slugging (OPS). SLG is defined as the total number of bases/at-bats. NaN’s first season SLG was .297, and their Season 13 SLG was .223. NaN’s lifetime SLG is .294. In regards to his OPS, their first Season’s was .515, and their Season 13 OPS was .434. Overall, their lifetime OPS average was .522. 

One bright spot is NaN’s first championship showing. Back in Season 10, while they were still with the Lovers, all their stats were VERY GOOD. Their BA was .444 and they hit 4 home runs. Their SLG average was 1.037, which means that they averaged more than one base for every time they were at-bat. Evidently, there is a good Blaseball player somewhere in NaN, and I think it’s Wyatt Mason.

Overall, NaN’s batting stats are terrible. Using this data, I can unequivocally say that NaN is the worst player in all of Blaseball. NaN is an absolutely abysmal player and it’s easy to see why the Worms are celebrating their departure. Nevertheless, the Firefighters have a plan to get better. I’ve heard that they hope to get Rivers Rosa back from the Worms. For the Firefighter’s sake, I hope they can figure out a way to negate NaN’s effect on their stats.

Stats via: Blaseball Reference

Special thanks to Ifh-Biff for peer reviewing.

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  1. I see your point but have you ever perhaps considered NaN cute??? — The San Francisco Lovers

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