Aldon Cashmoney is the new Blaseball GOAT

Newly crowned as ILB Champion alongside the Tigers following a dominant season atop the Wild League, Aldon Cashmoney has taken the step. They have made the leap.

They have passed Workman Gloom to become the greatest blaseball player of all time.

The Internet Series MVP and Firewall’s pick for Season 12 MVP stood tall during the “season of the pitcher” and put forth on of their best seasons as a pro, finishing the regular season with 41 home runs and 61 steals, the first 40/60 season in league history.

And that’s what sets Cashmoney apart from Gloom and any other player in Blaseball history. They can literally do EVERYTHING.

Ren Morin, Tigers teammate, told Blaseball News Network that Cashmoney’s casual jogging speed is enough to beat any other Hades player in a race. They get up to full speed so quickly that stealing bases is truly no issue.

And former Jazz Hands teammates knew Aldon would be a fantastic batter from early in their career.

Season 4 teammate and Jazz Hands stalwart Tamara Crankit remembered watching Cashmoney in batting practice and said “The ball just looked and sounded different coming off of their bat. It was special, it was unique … and it wasn’t really anything Aldon could teach us to do. It was just natural talent.”

At the end of Season 12, Cashmoney ranked first in all-time runs scored in Blaseball history … by a margin of 115 runs. That’s more than the margin from second to tenth. This is because they’re both second in home runs (driving themself in) and second in stolen bases (getting into scoring position) in league history.

There have been lots of great players in Blaseball history. But none has been better than Aldon Cashmoney.

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