Editorial: The Wild and The Wilder?

As you likely know, Internet League Blaseball has reshuffled their teams from an Evil League and Good League to the Wild League and Mild League.

While this is a refreshing change that allows us to see new Blaseball face-offs, it has put together teams in an interesting format. In the Wild League it has Wild High, containing the top 5 teams in the League, and Wild Low, containing the bottom 5 teams in the League.

An obvious criticism of this set up is that the bottom 5 will only lose more to the top 5, but with how the players might play differently with their vibe and the weather conditions, not to mention players switched, incinerated, and shuffled, we might be surprised who will come out on top in this Season!

However, I believe the more wild and entertaining matches will be in the Mild League. This contains the top and bottom of the middle 10 teams in the League. Due to these teams being much closer in ability (blessings and changes non-withstanding) the games in the League will be much harder to predict! Best watch this League very closely because even a little change in stats could really sway this League one way or the other!

No matter the wildness of teams close in skill or the wildness of Blaseball at large, it will be very exciting to see how these teams will interact with their new opponents! Make sure to keep an eye out for all the Blaseball action.

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