By: Kina McCloud

Somebody once told me that the Miami Dale have had some good players over their many seasons. This is my attempt to present what is the Dale All-Star Team. 

When reading this list, keep in mind that the Miami Dale had Hype for most of Season 24. I have chosen to include a couple of players from this Season because their stats are notable, but not impossible. The second thing I would like to address is that there are a few Players on this list that have had better seasons on other teams. This list is only the Player’s peak performance on the Miami Dale, and I would love to see them included on other team’s All-Stars.  As always, there are a couple considerations to keep in mind when making the All-Star teams.

  1. There will be the standard 9 Lineup Players and 5 Pitching Players. Players cannot Elsewhere or Shelled.
  2. The Selection must represent a single season on that team in their role.
  3. The player must have played at least one full season with that team.
  4. A player can only be used once in the 14 positions.
  5. No Replicas are allowed. Sorry, Lucky Tio.

Without further ado, this is the Miami Dale All-Star Shooting Stars!

Logan Horseman (S17) – OBP 0.425 – BA 0.399 – OPS 1.226 – SB 74
Beck Whitney (S11) – OBP 0.413 – BA 0.341 – OPS 1.083 – SB 51
Rivers Clembons (S20) – OBP 0.398 – OPS 1.109 – BB 55

The first three players in our Lineup are the Dale’s best at getting on base. Season 17 saw Logan Horseman at peak stats post-Election, and this saw Logan becoming Season 17’s League Leader in Batting Average and On-Base Percentage. Season 11 was an incredible Season for Beck Whitney on the Miami Dale with nearly as good stats as peak Logan Horseman well before some of Beck’s peak stars. Finally, we have Rivers Clembons in Season 20 at peak stats as well, with just as solid Season of getting on base.

Francisca Sasquatch (S13) – SLG 0.703 – BA 0.367 – OPS 1.106 – SF 6
Summers Preston (S19) – SLG 0.676 – OPS 0.999 – HR 31
Avila Guzman (S11) – OPS 0.986 – OBP 0.362

My next two Batters are incredible sluggers. These are the Players that will hit the ball deep into the field and bring multiple players home. Fran has consistently swung with power, but Season 13 was one of Fran’s best. With a batting average that made Fran a League Leader and slugging that still holds up in modern eras this makes Fran the perfect choice to follow up the prior three players.

Summers Preston was chosen for the same reasons, just in case Fran was walked or struck out. Summers Preston had a strong Home Run record in Season 19 that significantly helps in this position. Finally, I chose Avila Guzman in Season 11 as my sixth position batter. With a solid On-Base Percentage, this makes Avila the perfect choice to reliably get on base and start another drive.

Richmond Harrison (S24) – OBP 0.378 – SB 128
Jomgy Rosenthal (S24) – OBP 0.390 – OPS 1.002
Caleb Novak (S4) – OBP 0.329 – RBI 50 – 3B 31

Richmond and Jomgy had solid showings in Season 24 with a bonus from Hype. Richmond Harrison was Season 24’s leader in stolen bases, and both would follow up a drive reliably well. I chose Caleb Novak for Ninth position, surprisingly, because Caleb was an incredible batter for the Era with a specialty in hitting Triples. This would bring multiple players home often and close up the Lineup. As for the Rotation….

Qais Dogwalker (S15) – ERA 1.83 – SHO 6 – QS 20 – BB9 – 0.1
Howell Rocha (S24) – ERA 1.34 – SHO 6
Sixpack Santiago (S17) – ERA 2.58 – SHO 8 – QS 26 – BB9 0.2
Liam Snail (S18) – ERA 3.07
Don Elliot (S4) – ERA 3.01 – BB9 0.9

When it comes to the Miami Dale’s pitching, most of these names will probably be safe choices. The Dale have had a sturdy Rotation for multiple seasons with relatively few changes. Qais Dogwalker is now becoming a strong batter, but I couldn’t stop myself from including Qais in the Rotation. Season 15 was one of Qais’ best seasons with only three walks and a fourth of their games being shutouts. Qais’ Season 15 Postseason appearance was also a shutout with no walks.

Howell boasts one of the best ERAs in Season 24 despite not being Underhanded. Sixpack Santiago carried Season 17 for Miami Dale’s Rotation. Liam Snail’s best season was included, but Liam still has a lot of room to grow. Finally, a surprise to me, but I found out that Don Elliot was good in Season 4. Keep in mind that this was Season 4’s stats, where the best ERAs were around 2.0.

For a long time, the Miami Dale was the place you party at, but they have since become the place where you party at during the Postseason. Since Season 15, they have only missed two Postseasons, and continue to get better as a team whether their goal is an Overchampionship or an Underchampionship. Who knows what’s over the Horizon for the Miami Dale, but I know they will party on. DALE!

Special bad stat shoutouts!

Caleb Novak with a Career leading 2623 Strikeouts.
Rivers Clembons for allowing 1285 Batters to walk in total.

This article is part of the Dream Team Series, in which our writers look back on the Discipline and Expansion Eras to create the strongest version of our beloved teams. Read the first in the series here.

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