🌹Chomping At The Bit 🌹 Boston Flowers Season 21 Recap


By: Kidror

Welcome to the Boston Flowers Season 21 Recap “Chomping At The Bit.” Season 21 was a whole lot huh? Let’s break it down!

Season 20 Election Recap

The Boston Flowers had Free Wills, went in with a reliable plan, and came out with reliable results. Boston got two of the three Wills they had been aiming for, although, not without consequences.

  • The Boston Flowers swapped Castillo Turner for Chorby Short, sending Chorby Short over to the New York Millennials.
  • The Flowers voted to Move Owen Picklestein to the Lineup, making it even longer before. Their lineup is now the same size or larger than 16 teams!
  • They rerolled Silvaire Roadhouses Flinch Modification, which turned into…Debt.

Don’t sweat the Debt though, I’m sure it’s not an omen for how Season 21 went for Boston.

🎊 Season 21 Results🎊

The Boston Flowers finished 5th in Wild Low with a total of 58 Wins and a record of 47-52. They finished in a respectable 14th position in the League as a whole. 

Season 21 was a wild time for more than just the Wild League, it saw Detectives performing wrestling moves on Consumers, the finding of a Blagonball, and two teams reaching the Gate to Blaseball 2!

As the unluckiest team in all of Blaseball, naturally Boston found themselves right in the thick of it.

Unfortunately, Season 21 saw the end of the Flowers streak of Postseason appearances, but fans certainly weren’t complaining as the Season came to a close as the team fended off hordes of Consumers.

🌳 Back to the Wild (Low) 🌵

The Wild Low effect was in full force this season. The Division kept a small gap between each other in the Standings up until the Lateseason, and even then only the LA Unlimited Tacos broke away from the pack. There was a gap of just 8 Wins between second place Ohio Worms and the last place Miami Dale. 

Wild Low had returned to form and were set to lock down three of the four Overbracket Seeds in the Wild League, until the Houston Spies and Hellmouth Sunbeams decided to take a dive by taking the Early to the Party Modification. 

The Hellmouth Sunbeams dive turned out to be deeper than just a quick dip down the standings. 

The Sunbeams were Wild Carded into the Underbracket and proceeded to win the Underchampionship after missing the Overbracket on tiebreakers. Their victory made them the first team to hold both a Championship and an Underchampionship.

➡️ Middle of the Road ⬅️

Boston was a middle of the road team. They changed lanes at the drop of a hat, sweeping the Houston Spies one series and then being swept by the Miami Dale the next. 

Their biggest enemy was themselves. The Flowers love to go big and go Home but in Season 21, their impressive ability to hit Home Runs was what sent them home.

During the last two Seasons several teams gained items for their Pitchers granting a modification called “Underhanded,” which turns any Runs scored from Home Runs into Unruns instead.

It was clear how much damage Underhanded was going to do from the beginning. Boston lost their very first match of Season 21 with a 0-4 scoreline against the Houston Spies after having four Runs converted to Unruns which wiped out the other four they had already scored.

By the end of Season 21, Boston had almost racked up a double-digit amount of losses caused entirely by having their Home Runs converted to Unruns. 

The Boston Flowers weren’t bad enough to catch the Miami Dale, but they weren’t good enough to catch teams like the LA Unlimited Tacos. In the end, they finished only 5 Wins away from the Overbracket, and 3 Wins away from the Underbracket.  

A devastating end to a streak of Postseason appearances.

🏞 🚶 A Walk in the Park 🏞 🚶‍♀️

It’s time for another Walk in the Park where we discuss changes to Boston’s Ballpark “The Garden.” 

It took Flower Buds approximately half a second to agree on the best improvements and it seems like the League agreed, because both modifications chosen were ratified despite the fact that both were brand new.

The most popular option was Voicemail. Whenever the Flowers are shut out while playing at The Garden, they’ll Shadow their worst batter for their best Shadowed batter. Finally bringing in some relief to the exhausted batting Lineup.

Bird Hotels make it so anytime a player Parties at The Garden, birds will flock to join in the party. Of course, we didn’t know that when we chose it, but let’s be honest it’s called Bird Hotel, who can turn that down?

Alongside the Ratification of Voicemail and Bird Hotels, Balloons also got Ratified as well, lowering the eDensity and number of Modifications built into The Garden.

This was a great round of Renovations for the Flowers, despite building two new Modifications the overall eDensity of the Ballpark is down, and Voicemail will steadily help to improve their Lineup.

🌲 Nature’s Gifts 🎁

With the Snack Economy on a downturn following the Reforming of Paula Turnip, it was expected that the number of gifts would go down. The change wasn’t too drastic and fans were as generous as always.

Boston received three gifts, a Replica of Pitching Machine, Soul Patches, and an Item from the Bargain Bin. It turns out that when the gift was called “Pitching Machine, Siphon Edition” it wasn’t just talking about siphoning blood and Stars. 

Pitching Machine took the gift from the Bargain Bin, and then four of the ten Soul Patches to boot. 

Talk about rude! Pitching Machine? More like a FILCH-ing Machine. Take that Pitching Machine II.

To make matters worse, Pitching Machine’s item was stolen by Lorcan Smaht of the Baltimore Crabs, and if that wasn’t enough— the very next Community Chest item was picked up by Pitching Machine II as well!

The San Fransisco Lovers returned again as the Top Contributor to the team, with both the Core Mechanics and the Hades Tigers not too far behind. This marks the fourth time the Lovers and the Tigers have appeared in our Top Contributors. 

The Boston Flowers are incredibly thankful for the support we are given by the other teams time and time again. We are blown away by the love we receive every single Season. <3

🐛 Talkin’ about Bugsnax 🍩

Now that we’ve talked about how the Boston Flowers performed in the Season, we need to talk about everything else that happened to the Boston Flowers this Season, and oh boy is there a lot.

First on the list is Silvaire Roadhouse. 

Silvaire has the same type of Debt that Jaylen Hotdogfingers originally had— Silvaire will sometimes hit a player with a ball, making them Unstable.

Thankfully for the ILB, Silvaire only hit a total of 11 players, all of whom made it safely through the following week of play unscathed and stopped being Unstable. 

Well…not all of them, Stout Schmitt of the Miami Dale was sent to the Shadows via Voicemail before the week was up, so they’re still in danger until they can survive the end of a week outside of the shadows. 

But Silvaire having Debt wasn’t the wildest thing that happened to the Boston Flowers this Season. 

As part of a plan to reach the Gate to Blaseball 2, the Ohio Worms purchased a replica of Chorby Soul wielding Chorby’s Soul from the Gift Shop.

The plan was simple, use the heavy item to weigh themselves down enough to reach the Gate, and they succeeded! 

The Gate to Blaseball2 at the Bottom of the Depth Chart via Blaseball

The Ohio Worms smashed into the Gate and revealed it to be a Red Herring and also full of literal Red Pickled Herring. But the story wasn’t over yet.

Gloria Bugsnax of the Boston Flowers cursed themselves by stealing the Chorby’s Soul away from the replica that held it.

The weight dropped Boston deep into Consumer territory and they were attacked relentlessly. Their items could only protect them so much and Chambers Simmons, Scores Baserunner, and Inez Owens all had a bite taken directly out of them. 

However, the theft wasn’t for nothing.  

Flowers at the bottom of the Depth Chart via Blaseball

Say hi to the Gate everyone!

Boston succeeded in also reaching the gate! Nothing new happened but hey, being the second team to reach the broken Gate to Blaseball 2 was really cool!

And I mean, when the Crabs came back from Blaseball 2 they had Evolved, so surely we’ll evolve now right? It’s just delayed since they weren’t expecting us…right..?

Please..?  Pretty Please..? Guess not…

Being chomped REALLY hurt, so let’s hope our Election results were nice to us this Season. Let’s go check them out!

📜 Season 21 Election Results ✒️

If the rest of Boston’s fans are anything like me, they pinched themselves upon seeing the results to try and wake themselves up. Sadly for the Boston Flowers, these results were very real.

The New York Millennials used one of their Wills to open the joint New York Millennials-Boston Flowers Exchange School for Frogs & Cactuses by trading Chorby Short back for Castillo Turner.

Boston followed that up by trading Silvaire Roadhouse to their original team, the Baltimore Crabs, for recently reformed Alberto Tosser. Alberto is a spectacular pitcher but only a good batter and is a step in the wrong direction for the struggling Flowers.

Of course bad things always come in threes and there’s still a final Will to be cast by Boston.

With merely a 1% chance of occuring, the worst Batter in Boston’s shadows, Shaquille Sunshine, is chosen to be Shadow Infused, and boosts their Baserunning.


Looking on the bright side of things, this means that fans of Boston should be able to relax in Season 22 and let the current carry them to Party Time, and then back down into the Underbracket to pick up where they left off in Season 20.

Being bad hurts but personally, I think we could see Boston Flowers as your Season 22 Underbracket Champions!

👋 That’s all folks! 👋

Thank you all for reading once more, make sure to support the Blaseball News Network by checking out all of our other content.

This bouquet is all wrapped up in a bow and that means it’s time for me to grow! 

Have a good season, and don’t forget to ask, where is BNN?

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