🌹Setting Down Roots: Boston Flowers Season 20 Recap🌹


by Kidror

We took last season off to rest and relax, and now after a peaceful siesta we’re back with another recap for the Boston Flowers!

Season 19 Election Recap

The Season 19 Election was the definition of “Not great, but not terrible” for the Boston Flowers. 

They successfully Exchanged Hierophantic Foible for Jacob Haynes, undoing a trade made by the Breath Mints in Season 18… only to then follow it up in true Flowers fashion by calling Jaylen Hotdogfingers’ Alternate and hurting their already poor batting potential.

Oh, and NaN roamed back to their original home, the LA Unlimited Tacos. Everyone wave goodbye to NaN!

Season 20 Results

The Boston Flowers finished 6th in the Wild League, once again denying the Ohio Worms the opportunity to activate their Bottom Feeder modification (Sorry, Worms). 

Boston finished with 37 Wins, a 37-62 Record, and placed 21st in the League overall, securing themselves Free Wills.

Season 20 marked the creation of the Underbracket, where Losing is Winning and Winning is Losing. After making the Postseason the ol’ fashioned way in back-to-back seasons, the Flowers spiced it up by trying something brand new; losing. 

Jokes aside, Season 20 was the third season in the row the Boston Flowers qualified for the Postseason, completing their hat trick. With two ways to reach the Postseason now available to them this may be the beginning of the new longest streak of subsequent Postseason appearances.

🌱 Seeds of Nope 🚫

Given the strength of their subdivision and their inconsistent batting, it was expected that Boston would be aiming to root down and go for an Underbracket run, and root down they did.

They opened Season 20 by getting swept by the LA Unlimited Tacos, who were headed in the opposite direction. Boston tried to rebound against the Lift and won two games, but the Lift threw their weights around and beat Boston four games in a row.

As of the Earlsiesta, the Flowers sat in 4th place in the Wild Low Subdivision, with the Dale and Worms further below them and the Tacos soaring ahead with a 21-6 record.

The Midseason was no different and Boston continued to have dirt shovelled onto them by the rest of Wild Low, with the exception of the Ohio Worms who were happily writhing in the dirt next to them.

The Ohio Worms and Boston Flowers were the clear losers of their Subdivision, and as the end of the Midseason closed in, the Worms and Flowers closed in on each other, both aiming to lose more than the other team. 

The fight— well, fight is too strong of a word for the Flowers or Worms, I suppose I should say the aggressive wiggling in each other’s direction wasn’t over the Underbracket, but over Free Wills and the Worms Bottom Dweller modification.

🏞 🚶 A Walk in the Park 🏞 🚶‍♀️

The economy was booming off the back of Paula Turnip and Season 20 saw teams and their fans spend their newfound wealth wherever they could. 

For the Flower Buds, that place was The Garden. Fans eagerly splashed their cash and for the first time in (known) team history built three Renovations in The Garden.

First up were Balloons, a brand new Renovation. It floated to the second most popular Renovation this Season with a total of 17 Teams adding Balloons to their Ballpark, leaving it just one away from Ratification. 

Balloons are filled each time a Run or Win is earned at this ballpark and they help to offset eDensity. Between the Hoops, Birdhouses, and now Balloons, the Garden is quickly becoming a wonderful place to visit.

The Garden became e-short-ated, leaving less space between the bases. That’ll mean more chances for stealing bases and more chances of fielders making double plays.

The Flower Buds joined the rest of the League in digging Tunnels only for them to be filled right back in as they were Ratified and are now a League Rule. 

These Tunnels allow the Home Team to try and steal from their opponents, either stealing Runs or taking Items from their players. 

Be careful not to get caught though, or you may need to run into the Elsewhere to get away.

🌲 Nature’s Gifts 🎁

The Boston Flowers can certainly say they were loved this Season as they were gifted a massive four gifts and had 41,356,761 coins spent on them. 

Although many teams chipped in for these, fans of the Flowers owe a huge thanks to the San Fransico Lovers who were incredibly generous in their gift-giving and were responsible for 23% of the coins gifted.

The Wishlist was full of choices but in the end, only the top four could make it and those choices were a Quill for the Rotation, an item from the Bargain Bin, Early to the Party to help the Boston Flowers lose, and- 

Chorby Soul? 

Who let you back in here again? Looks like someone left the gate to The Garden unlocked again and you snuck in huh? Well I’m sure they won’t stick around for long, what with the Eclipses all over the place and them being Unstable.

☀️ Total Eclipse of the Heart ❤️️

The race to the bottom began, armed with newly received gifts the Boston Flowers, Ohio Worms, and Atlantis Georgias were all set to fight for their Free Wills, but first, the Boston Flowers would have to escape not one, not two, but three Solar Eclipses with an Unstable Chorby Soul on their team. 

Because of their terrible, miserable, awful, no good stats, Chorby Soul VII was prepared to turn to a life of thievery; stealing Blessings that would otherwise target an actual member of the Boston Flowers. 

An incineration would mean an end to that and a new team member, but there had already been one incineration during the season, Niq Nyong’o of the Atlantis Georgias, so fans feared for the worst.

Their opponent for the first two Solar Eclipses was the Mexico City Wild Wings, who had been gifted the Fireproof modification. The hope was when Chorby Soul VII was incinerated the Unstable would spread to their Fireproof opponents and spare the most incinerated team more tragic deaths by incineration.

But Day 77 and Day 78 went by with no incineration, meaning the last chance for incineration would be on Day 83 against the Ohio Worms who were not Fireproof.

To make fans’ fears worse, Alejandro Leaf was incinerated on Day 79. Would this replica be responsible for another Ruby Tuesday? Who would this Gift strike down? 

It would strike down… nobody? Wait, nobody? Chorby Soul VII lived!? Huh, it turns out that Chorby Soul is so useless the Umps didn’t think they were worth incinerating. 

The Lateseason continued and the Boston Flowers took the lead in digging themselves a deep hole, but the Ohio Worms fell further and further behind. The Atlantis Georgias sank as deep as they could but they too couldn’t help but win games and were forced to come up for air.

The Boston Flowers are old hats at digging down compared to the newest additions to the League and lost a massive 20 out of 27 games in the Lateseason. The Boston Flowers were the 21st worst team in the ILB, and the worst team in Wild Low, securing themselves Free Wills and denying the Ohio Worms the chance to Bottom Feed.

🏆 Down and Dirty ⬇️ The First Underchampionship

The Boston Flowers had made the first ever Underbracket and were ready to get their losing on. 

This was the third time in a row that the Boston Flowers had qualified for the Postseason, the first time ever in team history to accomplish this feat. They hold the longest active streak for Postseason qualification alongside the Hawai’i Fridays— but if you don’t count Wild Card appearances then Boston stands alone.

With the Overbracket and the Underbracket around the Boston Flowers hold the best chance at breaking the current record for consecutive qualifications if they can either continue losing, or make the jump to the Overbracket. 

This feat is all the Boston Flowers had time to do in the first-ever Underchampionship, as they were quickly ushered out by the Atlantis Georgias who swept them 3-0. 

In the process, Cory Twelve, one of only two allergic players in Boston, had an allergic reaction costing them nearly half their stars. 

Both players and fans were quite happy to exit before they could suffer further damage having already achieved the goal of qualifying. There’s always next season… unless we turn out like the Alaskan Immortals.

📜 Season 20 Election Results ✒️

The Boston Flowers are used to poor Election luck, and with three Wills to get through that chance was exaggerated.

They got two of the Wills they wanted, a third they didn’t. Of course even the Wills they wanted didn’t exactly go to plan but we’ll get to that.

First up was the overwhelmingly popular choice to exchange Castillo Turner and Chorby Short. 

This reversed a trade made back in Season 17, both players have grown since then and fans of the Boston Flowers were more than happy to welcome the 9.5 star pitcher back home.

Second was the unexpected Will. Owen Picklestein was moved onto the lineup upping the count of active batters to 13. 

That’s equal or more batters than SIXTEEN teams have in their entire active rosters.

Luckily, Owen landed in the bad part of their Lineup, keeping all of Boston’s good batters in a bunch.

Finally, Reforming Silvaire Roadhouse’s Flinch, which had long held them back from their true potential.

There’s just one itty bitty problem.

Flinch reformed into Debt. 

At the time of writing it’s unknown what effect it’ll have— but I hope you, dear reader, live in a future where it’s safe.

After so long fighting to Reform Flinch this is a tragic and unfortunate result, another Will shall be needed to remove the Debt and that’s ignoring the potential loss of life.

Boston didn’t win any Blessings but did benefit from the Green Light Blessing thanks to the Ohio Worms.

These changes won’t be enough to win the Overbracket, but they may be just right to allow the Boston Flowers to grow up while still spending some much-needed time Partying in the Underbracket.

This was certainly another Election that can be boiled down to “Welp, we’re the Flowers.” All we can do is stand back up, dust ourselves off, and shout LET’S GROW!

👋 That’s all folks! 👋

Thank you all for reading once more, make sure to support the Blaseball News Network by checking out all of our other content.

This bouquet is all wrapped up in a bow and that means it’s time for me to grow! 
Have a good season, and don’t forget to ask, where is BNN?

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