🌹The Unbeleafable Season🌹: Boston Flowers Season 18 Recap


by: Kidror

I’m back once more with a Season Recap for the Boston Flowers, and boy howdy was this a season for the ages. I’m not going to forget Season 18 anytime soon.

Let’s get growing!

Season 17 Election Recap

The Season 17 Election went incredibly well for the Boston Flowers with two improvements to their roster, a stat increase, and a slight downgrade as a result of Exchanged pitchers.

SCORES BASERUNNER is moved from Rotation to Lineup
  • Scores Baserunner was Moved back to the Lineup, following a midseason Reverb.
  • Salih Ultrabass was Foreshadowed and Margarito Nava returned in their place.
  • Boston won the Grounded Blessing which went to Brock Forbes, improving their Overpowerment at the cost of some of their Unthwackability.
  • The New York Millennials exchanged Chorby Short for Castillo Turner.
Salih Ultrabass is shadowed in order for Margarito Nava to return to the Lineup

Season 18 Results

Boston Flowers: 66 wins 67-32 record
Miami Dale: 61 wins, 60-39 record
Houston Spies: 61 wins, 61-38 record
LA Unlimited Tacos: 59 wins, 58-41 record
Ohio Worms: 52 wins, 54-45 record
Hellmouth Sunbeams: 47 wins, 47-52 record

The Boston Flowers finished 1st in the Wild League, and no that wasn’t an error. They finished with 66 Wins, and a record of 67-32 following an incredible Season 18 run, dubbed the “Unbeleafable Season” by their fans.

They didn’t just have a good record either, Boston reached the Internet League Championship for the first time in franchise history following back-to-back victories against the Hellmouth Sunbeams and the Hades Tigers. 

Their impossible run finally came to an end after being narrowly defeated by the Season 18 Champions the Core Mechanics.

🌱 Seeds of Hope 🌞

As soon as the season began, it became clear that Wild Low was going to be a hard-fought war between all of the teams, and that any one of them held the potential to make it to the Internet League Championships.

By the end of the Earlseason, eventual Division Winner the Boston Flowers sat on a 13-14 Record, with the eventual Division Losers the Hellmouth Sunbeams right behind them at 12-13.

The air around The Garden was electric, filled with equal parts nerves and excitement about the potential for the team to go far, maybe even win.

They’d obviously been underestimated— but by how much, and would they be able to show the strength of the Growth Modifier and overtake the rest of the Division? Were the Flowers good or were the Flowers Good?

🏞 🚶 A Walk in the Park 🏞 🚶‍♀️

It’s time for another edition of “A Walk in the Park,” where we examine The Garden, Boston’s Ballpark.

No new Renovation options appeared this time, leaving everyone with the opportunity to finally pick up some Renovations that had been passed over for their more exciting counterparts.

Grind Rail

The Grind Rail allows Batters to steal third base all the way from first by skating their way across the rail. If they don’t bail of course. A solid choice for Boston who has a few players known for stealing bases.

Obtuseness +

This was the result of some smart thinking Flower Buds. Increased Obtuseness lowers the number of foul balls but increases hits.The Boston Flowers relied mostly on their fantastic pitching rotation for outs this season, so this was a clear win for helping their batters without helping their opponents.

🌲 Nature’s Gifts 🎁

Welcome to a new segment! Season 18 saw the introduction of a new way to spend your coins between the Earlsiesta and the Lateseason, the Gift Shop. 

In the Gift Shop, fans can spend coins to help buy other teams a gift, or spend coins setting up their Wish List.

The Boston Flowers loved the idea of giving gifts, and joined hands with the San Fransisco Lovers and the Hades Tigers to exchange gifts. As the exchange ended, the Hades Tigers and Boston Flowers promised to meet in the Wild League Finals to prove who was strongest.

Time to unwrap those gifts!

Late to the Party, Team Edition

This gift gave the whole team the Late to the Party Modifier, which makes them Overperform in the Lateseason. This was key to the Flowers eventual dominance over the Wild League Standings.

Gift of Late to the Party, Team Edition, given to the Flowers.

Handcrafted Bat Drop

The Handcrafted Bat was picked up by Jacob Haynes, and turned out to be a Frosty Bat. This bat would later protect Haynes from a Consumer attack!

The Flowers receive "Handcrafted Bat Drop" gift

Nagomi McDaniel, Collectors Edition

This granted Boston a replica of Nagomi McDaniel. Nagomi weighed down the team and subjected them to extra Consumer attacks, but ultimately Nagrowmi, as fans dubbed her, carried her weight becoming Magmatic twice in clutch situations.

The Flowers receive the gift of Nagomi Mcdaniel, Collector's Edition

🌹 Boston Roses Above ⬆️

Armed with Overperforming, a Frosty Bat, and Nagomi McDaniel II, Boston began to lay waste to the Wild League during the Lateseason finishing the regular season off 20-7. But we’ve got bigger things to talk about such as…

The Flowers earn a spot in Season 18 Postseason

Fans watched on as the Houston Spies and the Wild Card Hellmouth Sunbeams battled for the opportunity to face the Flowers in Round 2.

The Flower Buds were exhilarated to have made it this far, no one knew what to do, everyone was trying to keep calm and be realistic about their chances but their act wasn’t going to fool anyone.

The Sunbeams advanced 2-1 over the Spies to meet against the Flowers. Game 1 ended in a crushing 8-1 Victory for Boston that shattered the veil. Boston’s fans were done pretending and cast away their act as excitement boiled over.

The Sunbeams claimed a narrow victory in Game 2 and paid the price in Game 3 and 4 for having the gall to take a win from the Flowers, being kept to just two runs in both games.

Boston advanced to the Wild League Finals, opposing the Hades Tigers. 

The Tigers and Flowers had kept their promise and were set to battle at the pinnacle of the Blaseball world. The Tigers were overwhelmed by the Flowers’ momentum and the series ended with a quick 3-0 in Boston’s favor. 

🌹 The Final Growdown 🔧

I’d felt the energy present in The Garden before, pure unadulterated joy combined with nerves and fear. 

The feeling of having just one more hurdle left in front of you, you could’ve failed before but you didn’t. 

Your toughest opponent was still left to go, and by the end of the day either you’d have won it all and become the Internet League Blaseball Champions or you’d lose it all and have to start again. 

Game One 

The score is 4-4, the game has been pushed into extra innings and it’s the bottom of the 10th. Scores Baserunner hits a triple! Nagomi McDaniel II scores! Allan Kranch hits a single! Scores Baserunner scores! The Boston Flowers shame the Core Mechanics!

Game Two

Once more the score is tied, it’s the bottom of the Ninth. Adelaide Judochop hits a 3-Run Home Run! The Core Mechanics shame the Boston Flowers!

Game Three

Sensing a losing pattern the Mechanics decide to break formation, and successfully shut out Boston avoiding a third shame in a row.

Game Four

Chorby Short is up to pitch, but… this isn’t The Garden. This is the Core! Chorby Short is Homesick, Boston is down 2-1 in the series and must win.  Boston gets their Pogs out with their Frogs out and their squad comes back even stronger and wins Game Four 4-1. Just one more game to go.

Game Five

The First Inning goes by scoreless. The Core and Boston trade Runs in the Third leaving them both 1-1. In the Top of the Fourth Mindy Kugel bats Christian Combs home. Core 2-1. Unable to fire back the Core picks up a third run in the Top of the Sixth. Core 3-1. Boston knuckles down and strengthens their defense, but the Mechanics hold strong and claim Game Five and the Championship!

So ends The Unbeleafable Season. The Boston Flowers fought harder and stronger than anyone expected but it just wasn’t enough. The close finish has far from defeated players or fans, instead their resolve has strengthened and unionized.

 Season 18 may have ended with defeat but the Boston Flowers will Grow On.

Season 18 Election Results

The Election Results went back to their usual form for Boston, which is to say, not perfectly.

No blessings found

There were no Blessings to be found for Boston but there were certainly roster changes about. 

Flowers swap Allan Kranch for Jaylen Hotdogfingers

Allan Kranch is now pitching for the Core Mechanics, in their place is ILB Famous Jaylen Hotdogfingers now batting for the first time in their career. Jaylen is a downgrade in Batting for Allan, but their popularity means they will likely leave Boston during the Season 20 Election.

Jacob Haynes is swapped for Hierophantic Foible by the Breath Mints

The Breath Mints took advantage of the Equivalent Exchange Will to swap Jacob Haynes to their team leaving behind Hierophantic Foible (try saying that one five times fast). 

Hierophantic Foible is another downgrade to the Lineup with an awkward set of stars, but their total leaves open a number of Equivalent Exchanges, including Jacob Haynes of course.

NaN joins the Flowers via Roamin'

Oh hi NaN! Nice to see you wander into The Garden. 

I expect you’ll roam away at the first sight of Feedback so whether or not you’re a downgrade will depend on who you get swapped with and how long it takes you to do it. 

By this stage Reader, I’m sure NaN has already moved on to greener pastures, well not greener considering how green The Garden is but you get the idea.

Zeboriah Wilson's batting is Infused

Zeboriah Wilson was already a promising member of the Boston Flowers shadows so expect to see them come out of the shadows to reinforce the rest of the Lineup.

Roots Down, Thorns Up

This obviously wasn’t the election Boston was hoping for, but their All-Star Pitching Rotation survived unharmed and they’ve got room to grow and improve their batting in multiple directions. 

The roots of the team survived and that’s the most important thing. Boston are down but are far from out and personally, I expect we’ll see them in another Internet League Blaseball Championship soon if they manage to increase their batting. They’re stuck once more in Nonbinary Baby Jail but soon they’ll be too big to keep locked up.

Boston Good!

Wait Winning is Losing and Losing is Winning?

Forget everything I said before, Boston is going to be at the bottom of Wild Low by which I mean the top because they’ll be losing instead of winning. This is altogether too confusing. 

Boston Good? Boston Bad? All I know is We’re the Flowers.

👋 That’s all folks! 👋

I appreciate all of my readers, especially The Reader of course. Thank you for your kind words and supporting myself and the Blaseball News Network.

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This bouquet is all wrapped up in a bow and that means it’s time for me to grow! 

Have a good siesta, and don’t forget to ask, where is BNN?

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