🌹 A Sisyphean Task: Boston Flowers Season 16 Recap 🌹


by Kidror

Hello Blaseball Fans! We are back at it again for another Season Recap of the Boston Flowers, it’s been another Wild Season so let’s not waste any more time.

Season 15 Election Recap

Not much happened in the Season 15 Election for the Flowers:

  • The Boston Flowers again received no Blessings
  • Boston tried and failed to Plunder Redacted player Nagomi McDaniel, who gained the Unstable modifier instead of being added to the team.
  • Parker Parra was traded back to the Baltimore Crabs in an equivalent exchange for Brock Forbes
An image of the Feed. It shows the Flowers choosing to exchange Parker Parra for Brock Forbes.

Although the Parra-Forbes trade was the only change during the Election, it was still vitally important for the Flowers. Removing Parra from their roster would be a huge jump going forward, as Parra had achieved an infamously terrible 0-20 Record while playing for the Flowers in Season 15.

Season 16 Results

The Boston Flowers finished 4th in Wild Low, with 52 Wins and a positive record of 52-47.

Boston took the role of Sisyphus this Season, tasked with pushing their Win record up to the top of the hill, only for the metaphorical boulder to roll back down with each loss and be forced to begin climbing the standings once more.

An image of the Wild Low Standings
First is the LA Unlimited Tacos. 66 Wins. Record of 65 and 34.
Second is the Ohio Worms. 64 Wins. Record of 65 and 34.
Third is the Houston Spies. 58 Wins. Record of 57 and 42.
Fourth is the Boston Flowers. 52 Wins. Record of 52 and 47.
Fifth is the Hellmouth Sunbeams. 42 Wins. Record of 42 and 57.
Sixth is the Miami Dale. 38 Wins. Record of 38 and 61.
Wild Low End of Season Standings

While Boston only finished in 4th Place in Wild Low they were proof of Wild Low’s dominance over the Wild League. 

The Division Leader of Wild High, the Chicago Firefighters, finished at 53 Wins, with the Hades Tigers only a single Win behind at 52 Wins, leaving them tied with the Boston Flowers. 

The Boston Flowers should be proud of their performance this season, it’s well known how strong Wild Low is and they performed admirably, managing to nearly out perform the entirety of Wild High. Maybe one day soon we’ll see that boulder stopped at the top of the hill, and a Championship Belt around Boston’s waist. 

☀️ Sunburnt  🔥

It didn’t take long for tragedy to strike the Boston Flowers, and when it did it struck their heart. 

On Day 2 whilst playing in their first of six games in Solar Eclipse weather a Rogue Ump lashed out at Moses Mason, incinerating them instantly. Salih Ultrabass stepped up to the plate to fill their shoes and Moses’ old shoes fit perfectly, with only 1.4 Stars in Batting they performed just as well as Moses had. Which is to say not very well at all (Sorry Moses).

An image showing it is Season 16, Day 2. Moses Mason is incinerated by a Rogue Ump and is replaced by Salih Ultrabass

Despite their loss Boston continued pushing that boulder up the hill, and ended the Earlseason squeaking out a positive record of 14-13. 

🍗 Wild Winging It 🍗

An image from the feed showing results from Days 49 to 57. All are games between the Boston Flowers and the Wild Wings. Boston Flowers won six of the games, Wild Wings won 3.

Boston proceeded to stumble and trip over their feet, getting swept by the Tacos before briefly standing up again and then being tripped by the Worms too before regaining their balance and starting to gain momentum throughout the Midseason.

Most of that momentum came at the expense of the Mexico City Wild Wings who found themselves in the path of Boston and their boulder over and over again. The Flowers played the Wild Wings a total of 24 games during this Season, including nine games in a row beginning on Day 49 and ending on Day 57.

The final record between the teams was 15 Wins and 9 losses in favor of Boston by the time the Season ended.

🏞 🚶 A Walk in the Park 🏞 🚶‍♀️

It’s time for us to take another Walk in the Park! 

The Flower Buds have continued to dedicate their coins towards improving their home stadium again funding two more renovations. Let’s take a look at what they chose:

  • Grandiosity-
    • A returning upgrade to The Garden this decreases the size of their Ballpark. A smaller Ballpark means more Home Runs, but less Hits.
  • Salmon Cannons
    • A brand new upgrade for everyone this Season, Salmon Cannons launch Consumers away, protecting those playing inside from being attacked. Consumers aren’t the only Pests pulled in, players pulled in will find themselves launched into Elsewhere.
An image of the description for Salmon Cannons. It states “Salmon Cannons have a chance of expelling Pests from your Ballpark”.

Grandiosity- came out on top for a second season in a row, signalling that fans may be looking to keep games at The Garden intimate, or maybe they just want to see as many Big Buckets as possible. 

A break from more Grandiosity- is advised for the time being, we’re still new to managing our ballparks so a little caution is recommended to give us all time to see the effects of our choices.

Every new construction option is always exciting, and with an offer of Consumer Protection it shot ahead of the other offers into second place. This marks the second of three seasons that a unique construction option has been picked by Boston’s fans, will we see them settle into a plan, or will the mystery be too much to resist?

🎸 Starstruck 🚤

Boston continued to try and get the boulder over the hill but the Ohio Worms and Houston Spies weren’t interested in helping push and rode on top of it, continuing to claim Win after Win for themselves.

The writing on the wall was made apparent on Day 88, when the Miami Dale shamed the Flowers despite being favoured to lose. Although it wasn’t impossible to make the finals, it would’ve required a miracle, especially with a second loss to Miami on Day 89 right after the first.

Season 16 saw the first ever series between the Boston Flowers and the Seattle Garages of Mild High fame. Either Boston was starstruck by the Garages or were desperate to party because they were swept cleanly by their 23rd Place opponents, releasing them into party time at the end of Day 93, Sisyphean boulder in tow.

An image showing Cory Twelve partying on Day 98, and on Day 99. Their total stars changes from 14.9 to 16.3 the first party, and then 16.3 to 17.6 after the second party.

Only two players partied this time, Scores Baserunner, and Cory Twelve, who partied twice. While the increase to Scores may not be noticeable, the growth for Cory certainly is. 

Move over Cory Twelve hello Cory Five-and-a-Half Stars!

⬇️ A Boulder Rolls🌄

The Boston Flowers have struggled and struggled but finally they have pushed the boulder to the top of the hill. After so much sap, sweat, and tears it is done, they’re finally ready to be a top Wild Low team. Now, to just examine the results of the election and–


Chorby Soul Returns

And so the boulder rolls back down the hill once more. Boston chases after the boulder, but it’s simply too fast and by the time they finally catch up they’re halfway down the hill again. 

Luckily, a heroic Crab was in the way of the boulder and stopped it from going all the way back down.

An image of the election results. It reads “The Crabs voted to target Chorby Soul for the Plunder”.

Okay silly metaphors aside let’s break it down.

Boston Plunders once again, this time targeting Chorby Soul, but are pushed out of the way of consequences for a third time by the Baltimore Crabs. Margarito Nava is sent to the shadows as a result, effectively replaced by Silvaire Roadhouse.

Nava was an absolute powerhouse so despite being a solid player Roadhouse is a strict downgrade, especially taking their Flinch modification into account.

As a result of an Equivalent Exchange a trade from Season 14 is reversed. Glabe Moon returns home to Boston, and Schneider Bendie returns to the New York Millennials. 

During the original trade Moon had been superior in both Batting and Defence, but during their stay on the Mills they were attacked by Consumers. Moon remains a stalwart defender but they’re not the Batter they once were.

The Boston Flowers also won a much needed Blessing, winning the Shadow Running Practice, which boosted their Shadow player’s Baserunning. 

Baserunning may not be the most important skill in Blaseball but any improvement over the competition is still an improvement. It marks a move by the Flowers to prepare for future losses to their Lineup, or simply a move to add more players onto the team to Grow their roster.

All in all, a disappointing Election, but certainly not the end of the world for Boston fans.

⬆️ Back up the Hill 🌄

Boston will have to start pushing the boulder again but it’s not nearly as far from the top as it could’ve been. They still have a respectable Rotation and a powerful Lineup, although the election certainly felt terrible in reality it isn’t as bad as it seems.

The Season 16 Election gave the same experience as dropping your dinner on the floor. 

The loss of something you were excited for feels terrible, and not only did you lose out but you now have to clean up a newly created mess, and then replace what you lost. Fixing the problem won’t take that long, but it still hurts.

A good clean Election for the Boston Flowers and they’ll be sprinting up the hill, screaming at the Tacos and Worms to move out of their way

👋 That’s all folks! 👋

That’s a wrap on another Boston Flowers Season Recap. Please check out our other articles, I recommend checking out all of the other team recaps we do each season.

Of course if you want to know where BNN is you should read our Power Rankings article for each season.

For now, it’s time for me to grow! Enjoy Season 17!

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