By Shadows Correspondent

The season 11 elections truly handed control to the fans. Thanks to the Foreshadow Will, teams have access to a vast, dark, unknown. And with the Apple available at Concessions, fans can make more informed decisions. In the past two seasons, twenty teams made a total of twenty-four roster changes from the Shadows: nine in season 12 and a whopping fifteen in season 13. Let’s look at those transactions from the recent Season 13 Election:

Lineup Changes

Seven teams made lineup changes, optioning poor performers or giving batters a possibility for pitching prowess.

Yellowstone Magic: Tiana Wheeler – Wyatt Glover has been a fan favorite thanks to Credit to the Team, but their performance in season 13 was abysmal. It’s no surprise to see Magic management moving Glover off the roster. Tiana Wheeler will bring the team hopes of hits this season.

Charleston Shoe Thieves: Herring Winfield – I’m surprised to see Blood Hamburger on the chopping block. But this looks to be a career change for Hamburger, as WSHU reports. Winfield’s 1.5 stars don’t give us a whole lot to look forward to but their presence on the field might at least provide in terms of defense. Hamburger should pay off as a pitcher, so next season’s election might show us a revitalized Shoe Thieves.

LA Unlimited TacosNicholas Vincent – In terms of gross stars this is only a small improvement, but the Tacos don’t seem to have too far to climb. Vincent’s Batting is a bit stronger than predecessor Vito Kravitz’s, but the new batter’s speed might leave something to be desired. Maybe this is a long-term plan to give Kravitz a chance to show off some untapped pitching potential.

Mexico City Wild Wings: Wichita Toaster  – Axel Cardenas often outperformed their two star rating but the Wild Wings are excited to give new Playoff birth Wichita Toaster a chance to play, thanks to their impressive speed. And with a name like Wichita Toaster, splortscasters are pleased to see them on the roster.

Dallas Steaks: Zephyr McCloud – Another terrific name, but McCloud has big shoes to fill – Sam Scandal had a very good season. However, Zephyr McCloud’s spring training performance gives Spies fans good reason to want them in the lineup! (and Scandal might be taking a season off to switch to pitching after an impressive showing in the Coffee Cup)

Atlantis Georgias: Slosh Truk – Like other expansion teams, the Georgias’ roster is fairly uneven. This move looks like a big improvement to the lineup, with Slosh as cleanup hitter. They may not be a league superstar in their debut, but the Georgias have to make up for lost (party)time. I’m sure the fans will be cheering when they see Slosh Truk step up to the plate.

Tokyo Lift: Engine Eberhardt – The Lift capitalized on their Free Will to call up Engine Eberhart. This batter’s speed sets them apart from the well-loved Cudi di Batterino, and I’m expecting a lot of steals from Engine. 

Rotation Changes

Eight teams made changes to their pitching rotation, but two of these moves return familiar faces to the field.

Houston Spies: Emmett Tabby – Despite a winning record, Marco Escobar pitched a lackluster season. No doubt the Spies have wanted to get them off the mound since Reverb shuffled the Spies’ roster in season 9. Emmett Tabby should show a marked difference for the Spies, even if it’s only half a star increase.

Hawai’i Fridays: Fenry Marlow – Pasta’s surprising debut game for the Fridays has been retold many times, but it wasn’t enough to keep the plucky newcomer on the roster. Pasta’s replacement, Fenry Marlow looks poised to give a more well rounded pitching performance. Certainly the Fridays want to separate their pitching staff from the pack after having a taste of Jaylen Hotdogfingers’ all-star power.

San Francisco Lovers: King Roland – Maybe it’s just deference to royalty, but King Roland barely looks stronger than the pitcher they’re replacing, Percival Wheeler. That said, Wheeler’s 2-14 record indicates they need some time to focus on improving. 

Miami Dale: Liam Snail – Liam Snail has everything: strength, accuracy, and excellent variety. Oh, and a delightful name. Wyatt Owens pitched a winning season, but only just. The Dale are really eyeing the playoffs thanks to this move.

Hellmouth Sunbeams: Jayden Wright – At the start of the season, the Sunbeams looked like they had an easy road ahead. None of us is immune to Hubris. Eugenia Bickle gave a 2.5 star performance this season, but that might not be good enough in the Expansion Era. So the Sunbeams eyed up dramatic new pitcher Jayden Wright. Look for a metered performance from this rotation addition.

Core Mechanics: Shirai McElroy – Let’s be honest: everyone knew the Moist Talkers wanted PolkaDot Patterson back after trading them to the Mechanics last season. Patterson’s pitching is powerful enough to awe fans and batters alike. But they couldn’t just give up a beloved player like Mooney Doctor, who’s been playing for Canada since the return of Blaseball. So Mooney takes a backseat for season 13 and might spend some time to make some improvements. Meanwhile, the Mechanics pick up Shirai McElroy – a pitcher who looks like they’ll outperform their 3.5 star rating. McElroy’s no Patterson, but no slouch either.

Seattle Garages: Nolanestophia Patterson – I’m sure Patterson is looking forward to stepping on the immaterial field again after four seasons Shadowed, but pitching will be a new endeavor. Giving a break (retirement?) to Jaylen Hotdogfingers, Patterson’s above average pitching rating isn’t likely to change much about the Garages’ uneven rotation. But this is only the first of two un-Shadowings of veteran players – players who swapped mysteriously all the way back in the election of season 1.

Boston Flowers: Nagomi Mcdaniel – What can I say about Nagomi Mcdaniel? It will be exciting to see them on the mound again, after pitching for the Americano Water Works during the Coffee Cup. Their underused 6.5-star talent is going to be fundamental to the Flowers’ rotation. Add that to a few powerhouse hitters and the flotation bubbles the Wild Low received, and I think you’re looking at a huge shift for the Flowers, who’ve been kept out of the playoffs since season 9.

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