Written by: Kina McCloud

It’s the first Day of Season 13 as the Hades Tigers face the Miami Dale under Solar Eclipse weather. It’s the bottom of the 7th with Mummy Melcon on the pitcher’s mound as a Rogue Umpire tries to incinerate Mummy Melcon, but they’re Fireproof.

Since the Opening of the Forbidden Book, Rogue Umpires have incinerated Players during Solar Eclipses. During Season 7, Fans voted on a new Blessing called The Iffey Jr., and it was awarded to The Miami Dale. The Iffey Jr. was granted to Raúl Leal reducing their stats, but gave Leal the Fireproof modification, allowing them to protect their team from incinerations.

During Season 8, the Internet League Blaseball saw the first known incineration of a rogue umpire when they tried to incinerate the Miami Dale player Beck Whitney. The same Season, the Hades Tigers received the blessing, Anti-Burnout, which made their players immune to incineration. The first known Rogue Umpire incineration was quickly followed up in Season 9 when Fans voted for the Miami Dale to receive the New Kid blessing. There were three Blessings that Season which could incinerate a player, but despite much campaigning the Fans of Miami Dale only got the New Kid Blessing. On most other Teams, this would have incinerated the least idolized player, but not Dale thanks to Raúl and The Iffey Jr. 

This leads to the third known Rogue Umpire being incinerated when they tried to incinerate the Tigers’ Melcon. During that game, the ILB first saw that the Fireproof modification on the Hades Tigers could incinerate a Rogue Umpire. This exciting revelation shows that more players can fight Rogue Umpires and defend their Teams which is incredibly rad for Blaseball.

The Hades Tigers have lost several players to incineration including Landry Violence and Mclaughlin Scorpler. The Hades Tigers Official Fan Club had this to say, and a few more scratches into their column is well deserved.

When seeing the Hades Tigers incinerate their first rogue umpire, the Fans of the Miami Dale were excited to see another Team not only prevent player incinerations, but also incinerate Rogue Umpires. The Miami Dale Twitter had this to say.

I spoke with Aziz Boatman, beat reporter for the Hades Tigers, about Fans’ reactions to finding out the Tigers could incinerate Rogue Umpires, and the construction of The Ampitheater. While not universal, many Fans saw the immediate potential to take down Rogue Umpires. For many of these same Fans, The Ampitheater was built with the prefab Loge in the hopes that Weather events will occur more frequently.  During Season 13’s Latesiesta, Hades Tigers’ Sixth Circle Stadium, Nicknamed “The Ampitheater” completed construction, but it remains to be seen how this affects Solar Eclipses.

Dedicated to Raúl Leal and The Iffey Jr. They showed the ILB that the Rogue Umpires could be defeated, and that fight will continue with the Hades Tigers. Party Hard Raúl and Rest. In. Violence.

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