The 11 Games That Cost the Canada Moist Talkers the Season 12 Playoffs

Written by: Josh “Jb” McCallum, Moist Talkers Correspondent

The season was going well for the Canada Moist Talkers two-thirds of the way through the returning season of Blaseball after the Grand Siesta. Sitting at a record of 38-26, the Moist Talkers were sitting on top of the Mild Low Division and coming off of an impressive 6-2 win against the Houston Spies. The team was in high hopes as talks of making the playoffs began to rise within the locker room.

With only 35 games left, the Moist Talkers were in track for amazing finish with powerhouse hitter and top idol York Silk and their star pitcher PolkaDot Patterson leading the charge. Then, trouble started to brew as the Moist Talkers lost their next five games — which included as series to in-division rivals the Hawai’i Fridays.

The Moist Talkers weren’t worried as they had their skids before earlier in the season, but they always bounced back with a winning streak that would make up for their losses. Coming into an all-important series with the Philly Pies, the team was determined to bounce back and set their eyes of keeping hold of the Mild Low lead.

However this seemed to not be the case as they would lose that series, as well, including a magnificent third game with the Moist Talkers looping during a Black Hole taking a win from the Pies, and coming close to winning the game, as well, but sadly they fell short, 4-3, bringing their losing streak to eight games. They lost the following game to the New York Millennials, during which the Moist Talkers had to release a press statement as fans began to bring murmurs of trades and restructuring.

Frustrations were running really high as the team decided to hold a players-only meeting after that third loss. No one knows what was said during this meeting, but yelling could be heard from the room that they were in and accusations were flying left and right from the team. The meeting that was supposed to bring together only seemed to divide them apart as they kept losing and the streak reach an all-time high of 11 games being swept by the Mills.

Now murmurs turned into shouts as fans demanded something to be done as their beloved team slipped to a record of 38-37 losing their lead of the top of the Mild Low Division. Luckily, the cries of the fans rallied the team together and the won their next four games and dug themselves a little bit out of the hole they’ve dug … but the damage was done.

Even with all the effort the Talkers gave in their final 24 games of the season, they fell short of the playoffs to the Seattle Garages for the final spot and were not chosen for the wild card spot with a final record of 54-44. This season was one the Moist Talkers would never forget, as they controlled their own destiny and the playoffs were within their grasp, and because of the losing streak, they fell short. To this day, there are many who ask what if … what if we just won one game or didn’t loop just one of those times … would they have made the playoffs?

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